Find out in the lines below the 10 things you may not know


Bulgaria is a beautiful country with incredible nature, beautiful villages, friendly people, delicious food and is extremely affordable. Our country has a rich history and well-preserved traditions.

And what don’t we know about our home country that we want to present to the many tourists who are increasingly discovering the hidden treasures and natural beauties that our little in territory, but rich in landmarks country, hides? Find out in the lines below the 10 things you may not know:

Since its inception in 681 Bulgaria has been the only country that has never changed its name.

Bulgaria ranks third in Europe by the number of significant archaeological monuments and finds after Italy and Greece.

The Bulgarian army has not lost the flag of our country in a battle.

The Cyrillic alphabet became the third official alphabet in the European Union after the accession of Bulgaria on 01.01.2007.

There are 9 landmarks in Bulgaria under the auspices of UNESCO. 7 of them are cultural - Rila Monastery, Boyana Church, Nessebar Old Town, Kazanlak Thracian tomb, Madara Horseman, Ivanovski Rock Churches, Sveshtarska Tomb and 2 Natural - Pirin National Park and Srebarna Nature Reserve.

Alexander Nevski is the oldest autocephalous Slavic Orthodox Church in the world.

Nearly 1/3 of Bulgaria is covered with forests.

The first woman involved in a military battle was Raina Kasabova.

Bulgaria is the second country in Europe with the largest number of natural mineral springs. Bulgaria is a SPA paradise.

Bulgaria is one of the largest exporters of wine in the world. The production of wine has a long history since the Thracians.

And can you surprise us with something we don’t know?