Do you know who was the first newborn baby in the neighborhood and when it became an independent administrative unit?


In a previous text, we told you how Trakia was formed but today we collected a few more interesting facts that even a large part of the people living there don’t know:

The area was born as a result of the urbanization and industrialization of the urban areas in the previous regime, with the aim of overcoming the severe housing crisis in the rapidly growing second largest city in Bulgaria.

The creation of the Trakia residential complex began in 1968, when, by decision of the leading party bodies, a design team led by the prominent Bulgarian urbanist architect Ivan Popov began work on the task of creating a modern suburb on a bare meadow.

The Trakia Region was built on the model of the Parisian panels, as a counterpoint to the communal buildings of Stalinist socialist realism.

The construction of the first blocks began in 1973, and the new residents were mostly young and middle-aged families.

The first newborn baby in block 1 of Trakia district was Desislava Terzieva. (note: who a few months ago won a second term as mayor of Plovdiv's Beverly Hills - Markovo village).

Eleven mayors have governed the neighborhood since 1983, when it was established as an independent administrative unit. These were Lav Panayotov, Todor Petkov, Danail Turpomanov, Paun Ivanov, Petko Gurgutov, Kolyo Imenov, Veselin Chivchibashiev, Dr. Alexander Panov, Slavcho Atanasov, Ginyo Matev and Kostadin Dimitrov.

Trakia district is the youngest district in the oldest city of Europe and the third largest in Bulgaria.

Two of the former Plovdiv hills were located on the territory of the district.

After the democratic changes, it gradually lost its image of the "bedroom of the people of Plovdiv" and in 2008, it won the prize "Best neighborhood to live in" for the first time.

In 2023, the residents of the Trakia region had an anniversary - the neighborhood celebrated half a century since the first sod was broken.