What excited the people of Plovdiv and the guests of the city over the past 365 days


By tradition, we begin the year by parsing the previous and ranking the most read articles in 2019. It seems that many visitors to the only digital guide are excited about the topic of restaurants and places to eat in the City under the hills, and what else was interesting,you’ll find out in the lines below.

We start from the back with the 10th position, where we find the Most Instagramable place near Plovdiv. The abandoned mine is truly an amazing location for photos and if you haven't visited it yet, make sure to do it some weekend. We’re thankful for the shots of the young couple of Plovdiv travelers Aylin and Marin and we look forward to seeing your pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Another tourist destination has caught your attention and is ranked 9th. The caves around Plovdiv that are worth visiting is a short guide to the most interesting rock formations. They combine the beauty and grandeur of nature and the phenomena it creates, along with the mysticism and legends of national folklore, and are a great option for a weekend getaway.

Following is the text for the places for brunch in Plovdiv. Apparently lovers of late eating are numerous, but here we warn that the article will be seriously edited as early as 2020. Some establishments no longer offer this option, and others - such as our favorite Eddy's café and food, unfortunately, don’t work. However, don't be sad because there are new and interesting places.

In the seventh position is the most popular topic for Plovdiv citizens, namely aylak through the eyes of the German journalist and blogger Robert B Fishmann. Within a few weeks, he tried to reveal its secret, and if he had succeeded, you could see in an excerpt from his article.

We quickly came to an establishment, which we’ll reveal that it would be included in our current selection of brunch places. It is also the winner of the Bacchus Award in the New Wave: Brunch category, so you won't be disappointed. Multi Culti is a gastro bar, one of the most popular formats in Europe at the moment. Here you can taste the most popular street food classics from over 10 countries without even having to buy a vignette and go outside Plovdiv, directly in the city center. Be sure to try the eggs Benedict.

In the middle of our ranking this year is an article about the comparison of restaurants in Plovdiv, according to the arrangement on the popular TripAdvisor platform and our subjective recommendations. Some may argue that these are the most preferred places to eat, but we are always open to discussions in the comments and to trying out new establishments and tastes.

The fourth place is for our photo walk through the main Muslim temple.Dzhumaya Mosque has been declared a National Monument of Culture and is one of the four oldest living buildings in Plovdiv. And it has kept its purpose to this day. You can view it freely and without entry fee, observing ethical standards for prayer time and with appropriate clothing.

The bronze medal is for 3 restaurants in Kuchuc Paris you shouldn’t miss. We have selected some of our favorite places for you, but we are always looking for more interesting suggestions. Have we included your favorites?

The second position is for our selection in the Trakia region. And the choice was not easy there, because we are convinced that there are still hidden "secrets" that only people of Trakia know.

The prize for the most read article goes to the story of Milyo and his monument. Many take pictures every day in front of the centrally located statue, but doubtfully everyone knows the reason why a Plovdiv jokester is immortalized in the very center of the City under the hills.