The most read and interesting posts in the only digital guide under the hills for the past year

In the first days of the new year, the Lost in Plovdiv team gathered for you, our readers, the most intriguing articles. The ones which excited us, inspired us, stirred the spirits and made us click and read what it was about. The topics are varied and different, just as we promise to continue in 2018. We’ll try to find those secret places that are worth not forgetting, challenging ourselves and you with the alternative routes and places and looking for those words that will maximize the feeling of being "lost in Plovdiv", but in that nice way ... when you feel you're in the right place. Find out what did you read in the lines below:

The undisputed leader is the post with The best restaurants in Plovdiv. This is not exactly a chart, but our subjective assessment of places with quality food, service, and atmosphere. If you have missed any of these, we advise you to quickly grab the phone and ask for a table. And in case you need more recommendations, you can also take a look at the results of our 2017 survey, summed up in Plovdivers recommend the best restaurants in town.

The silver medalist turned out to be a few lines that caused a huge wave of comments and excitement - How to recognize the real from the incoming Plovdiver is a delicate topic that still continues to stir up stormy discussions.

The honorable third place is dedicated to a summer "guide" with 10 swimming pools in Plovdiv, which will save us from the summer heat. Well, today we don’t need to save ourselves from the heat, but that's why we already have an alternative if you want to swim indoors. Read more HERE.

Pastry shops in Plovdiv you have to visit is a reading that you shouldn‘t miss! Summer is still far away and it's not the time to think about our diet, so it's time to succumb to the temptation of chocolate cake for example.

And for a company of the sweet goodies, we also need coffee... 6 cafés for a good coffee in Plovdiv covers several of our favorite establishments, and we immediately specify that we were able to add even more to our list - cafes Sezoni, KinoCafe, and CROATÓAN are just a few more modest additions, and we promise we won’t stop there.

We’ve already reached the middle of our chart and of course, we reach the Secret places for tripe soup in Plovdiv. An article that will always be current, especially after a heavy night. The holidays continue in January so we advise you to recall where you can find the warm elixir.

The seventh place is dedicated to Alternative clubs in Plovdiv because there is nothing better than escaping the crowds and experiencing the entertainment as the locals. Party weekends are always easy to organize with our specific route suggestions HERE, HERE and HERE.

It’s time for a bit of beauty and our gallery with 10 almost retro photos of Plovdiv will surely remind you of the charm of the city, which you can’t remain indifferent to.

Ninth place deservedly goes to Mouse House, the new jewel in Kapana, which, although opened a few months ago, quickly became a favorite place for the guests of the city. Situated in the best possible location in the very center of the city, Mouse House is a natural extension of the idea of a pleasant and slow bohemian life, which according to the owners is the largest asset for quality tourism in our city.

And we reached to the tenth most read publication that tells us where to find The best ice cream in Plovdiv. Maybe it's not the time, but if you have a craving for the cold treat, find out where it's almost like the Italian gelato.

Don't miss to get informed about the coolest events with the special selection our team does for you every Monday and Friday HERE.

And what you would like to read more about, you can share in the comments and together we can highlight the most interesting and trending events, places and topics for 2018!