The Plovdiv photographer Victor Tsonev shows us the city under the hills in an untraditional way

Photography is an art which gives you the opportunity to capture a moment and preserve it in time. It may have happened to you to look through your old albums and get emotional at some photos – whether because they were taken with a special person or at a memorable event, it doesn’t matter. If the result is goose bumps and emotions in the heart, then the photographer has done the job wonderfully.

This time the online guide is going to show you 10 unusual photographs of Plovdiv. Every one of them is captured by Victor Tsonev, also known as Pink Tsonk in the photography circles. Surely you’ve already seen some of the footage Viktor has kindly provided for us, both on our site and on social media. Pink Tsonk has a distinctive, atypical look not only in portrait photography but also in the street one.

The ten photos you’ll see today smell of naphthalene mothballs. Some of the footage feels like it’s been made decades ago but it isn’t. It shows Plovdiv when it is quiet, peaceful and a bit desolate. This is Plovdiv of the buildings and streets whose energy you’ll feel only if you take a walk early in the morning when it’s quiet.

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