Reunion is a kind of walk through some iconic locations under the hills


Last week, information came out that director Niki Iliev'sReunion was the most watched Bulgarian film for 2019. And by all accounts, it turns out that with 19 new Bulgarian movies, this is one of the strongest years for the film industry in our country.

The story is about four friends who meet again after 25 years in their hometown of Plovdiv. The romantic comedy, filmed in some of the most beautiful places, is part of the events of the year when the city was European Capital of Culture.

In the film, Plovdiv has a leading role, and as Bashar Rahal says for Kapana: "There are few films in which the city interacts with the cast." The shooting was in June and the official premiere was on 18 October. The production finale was filmed on August 28, when a floating concert took place for the first time in the waters of the Rowing Channel.

And for anyone who hasn’t watched the film in the cinema yet or for those who want to see Plovdiv through the eyes of the actors, the team of the only digital guide under the hills will take you to the iconic locations from Reunion.

Nebet tepe – the meeting place for the characters, where everything begins and ends. The view from the hill is stunning, and we often post photos from there. A must-see place and given the photogenic nature of the area, we are not at all surprised that it had a major role.

Alex's childhood home– initially, the idea was to use another property, but ultimately the choice fell on the building behind Balabanov's house in Old Plovdiv. It plays a very important role in the action and serves as the purpose behind which the characters come together to save their childhood memories. It is an interesting fact that the yard, exterior, and interior are not of the same structure.

Old Plovdiv and the Ancient Theatre – and there is no way to make a movie starring Plovdiv without capturing its "most precious" jewelry. Old Plovdiv was directly linked to the childhood memories of the characters and leads the viewer through dozens of favorite streets.

The Rowing Channel – the location for the final scene, but also the place where the characters shed a lot of sweat and were defeated. We have repeatedly shown you some breathtaking moments from it, and the film crew has been able to perfectly capture the emotion it brings.

Kapana District– a number of scenes were filmed in the creative district and the colored flags further contributed to the colorful atmosphere of beloved Plovdiv. Parts of the triathlon, organized by Branimir, took place along its streets, and Lora's studio, DilyanaPopova's heroine, was supposedly located on Magura Street.

Central Station – the platforms have witnessed meetings and separations thousands of times, but the scene was really emotional in the movie.

Sila Complex – the gym was the arena where the characters trained their physical strength and their skills in sports. It was also the place where Alex met the lady of his heart for the first time.

Ruski Boulevard–the boulevard that connects Central Station with the Maritza Bridge in Reunion was a route for a cycling race that the characters won.

Otets Paisii St –the street of parallel culture was also present in many of the scenes and you can enjoy it in its full splendor.

Plovdiv City Park – the home of developer Branimir is located in one of the newly built complexes of the Hus Estate company under the hills. Its location is right on the back of Mall Plovdiv and impresses with its modern look.

The bars and restaurants that “had a role” in the film – a lot of favorite cafes and restaurants were chosen for shooting – Zlatna Krusha, ThEATre, Nedelya became a natural decor for some scenes and complemented the story in a beautiful way.

Reunion will really make you not only fall in love with the city under the hills but stay here forever!