Modern and upgraded, it saves the architectural and craft memories of the past and gives a chance for new perspectives. Each and every part of Plovdiv shines in its own way, but the heart of the town stands out

Over the past two years Kapana has turned into one of the most remarkable districts. It's history dates back many summers. Then, its boundaries were from the begining of Marica all the way to "St. Paisii" st. Now the region is much smaller, devoid of much of the space, but still as important for the cultural and historical development of the city as before. Modern and upgraded, it saves the architectural and craft memories of the past and gives a chance for new perspectives. Each and every part of Plovdiv shines in its own way, but the heart of the town stands out because of those aspects:

Artisans and their workshops

Groceries, bakeries, carpenter’ shops, locksmiths, shoemakers, farmers, barber are part of the artisans who work on the streets of Kapana. These young and middle-aged people are here because they believe that the native production must be supported. They prefer spending a lot of time in labour and sweat just to be able to offer for sale quality products, made of quality materials than reselling cheap Chinese goods (2 levаs each) that won't last long. The goods and services provided in the creative district are vocational, innovative and definitely not hackneyed. Thanks to these workshors witch are it's gratests treasures the district is kept full of life.

The Colors

At Kapana everything is colorful and variegated, fleeing from grey tones and low spirits. You may be in a bad mood but the moment you see above your heads the banners or the straggling all over graffiti, you will cheer up. The best part about the graffiti in the district is that they aren't some gang tags. They feature drawings of familiar faces and stories witch fits buildings around here perfectly. The atmosphere is playful and cheerfulness.

Picture Galleries and Art shops

Besides artisans and their workshops the secont most important factor are art shops. Art shops offer for sale hand-made merchandise or antiquities. Goods range from clothes, jewellery, home interior, badges, toys, antiquarian treasures, books, paintings. Speaking of paintings, art is an invaried part of the life going on here. Art exhibitions are one of the main atractions that you can enjoy nearly ebery week.

The people

The people who visit or live in Kapana are like all the rest. They bleed as well, they also have bills to pay and problems to solve. They are nothing more or nothing less special then any other human. What makes them different is their artistic side, the love of avant-garde and at the same time archaic. The architecture and structure of Kapana is not for everyone. The cafes with tables right on the pavers, the music, the stores, and the tracery of streets can’t please every taste. More or less, you must contain a sparkle of adventurism, so you can come here, than to the well known and comfortable places. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bulgarian or a foreigner, the area attracts extravagant people, those who have few inhibitions and love to feel free.

The Places

The places in the district are one of the most interesting in the whole town. The cafes, restaurants and bars  are emblematic of the place and its visitors. Some have been here for decades, some are brand new, just hatched, but with a big ambition. The best part of the bars Is their menus and design. You won’t find ordinary food or drinks. You won’t find ordinary interior either. Everything is artistic, mostly from wood, everything is different from one another. Every bar, every cafe has its own nature, its own events, organized almost everyday, which are wonderful because they connect trade with culture and art. Each and every owner tries to organize literature readings, theater, dance shows, scientific lectures, exhibitions. To draw popular musicians and DJ.


In the point before this one, we’ve listed many of the events taking place in Kapana. But these are just some of them. Among other things, events take place and up the street. Starting with Kapana Fest, One design Week, One architecture Week, conserts on the stage Ydroto, festivals for children's day and many more. Creators and producers prefer the area for business and art because they believe that it offers all requirements necessary for such initiatives. It centers the trade in this part of the city and allows visitors to enjoy similar holidays that were not organized when we were young.

The Spirit

The spirit here is different and free. Prejudices, hatred, negativity evaporate once you cross  the threshold of "Zhelezarska"st. or enter the belly of the region. It's full of life and it is reflected in many aspects - in the smiles, in the sparkly eyes, in the ambition, the fun and love. Many foreigners confess that there's a spirit in Plovdiv  which they haven't seen anywhere before. The hospitality and enthusiasm that float in the air are encouraging and refreshing.

Paving stones

In a city of destructions there are a few protected places left that still keeps the ancient culture of derived from Roman times Plovdiv. The Old town and Kapana are some of these places. While on the main streets and boulevards the paving stones have been torn, here they still remind of our past. They fit the architecture and bother no one. Nor their shoes, nor their cars. Actually, it's an achievement that the neighborhood turned green area, so horns doesn't rip our ears and smoke from the exhaust doesn't poison our chest. The good thing is, that the people who live and work in The Trap are activists. In several considerations the pavers to be removed, they immediately rise up and defends their home.


Yes, you can stay in Trimontium, or Novotela, or hotel Marica, and you'll be pleased. After all, everybody loves all inclusive. But there's another side, another variant. It may by different, but it will fill your soul. We're talking about the hostels in Kapana - small, comfortable, they operate on the principle of guest houses. With vision corresponding the area and owners, who will pay personal attention to their guests. The hostels are not only neat, clean and colorful, but also the most suitable if you want to fully immerse yourself in the district of the creative industries.

Desire to fight and develop

Whatever happens to Kapana, no matter what problems it faces, its residents do not break, they don't give up. Together or one by one, they fight for the development of the district, because it gives so much. Whether there will be misunderstandings with the noise, with scenes, festivals, the desire to find a solution or consensus always lies. There's always a wish for overcoming and surviving. Because Kapana must survive. It was lying in the dust of the past for too long, so we can't return back the years of darkness!