For some the snow outside is fun, for others – not so much. See why

We love Plovdiv! We have the most beautiful city, with many sights and cool places, but ... not when it snows. Except for the fun side, you can see in the photo-reportage HERE, the winter's coming is associated with several inconveniences that we can’t help but whine about. Here are the top 10 woes that each of us has most likely encountered in the last few days:

Photo: kaloqn_jelev

1.    Snowfall right in the face –how come snow never falls lightly and gently, but it right in the face and eyes? Even the hood right up to the nose doesn’t always help.

2.    Lack of taxis –the moment it starts to rain or snow taxi services can’t be relied on. They hold you a few minutes on the phone to tell you there is no car.
3.    Bigger congestion - as if all the people with vehicles think that now is the right moment to take them out and contribute to the already busy traffic, especially during rush hours.
4.    Delays in public transport - yes, we are still on this topic, but moving at such times is a whole adventure.
5.    Huge puddles - somewhere under the snow, slush and water there are hidden craters that can’t be noticed. The result is - wet shoes and trousers. It doesn’t sound very fun, does it?
6.    Ice-skating –without skates and not at the Olympics unfortunately. Tip by Lost in Plovdiv: Be careful where you step and wear reliable shoes.
7.    The slush - the snow is nice, fluffy and lovely only when it snows. As soon as it stops, it melts and the streets and sidewalks are covered with gray-brown water, the whole situation becomes something that we only want to look out of the window.
8.    The cold - yes, it is winter, but somehow at the beginning of March we expect the first spring temperatures and not minus below zero.
9.    The smell of wet dog/wet socks/wet garbage everywhere
10.    Declaring an emergency at +10 centimeters of snow - yes, at the moment snowfalls intensifies or lasts longer, the favorite excuse of everyone is the weather.