Whether you are locals or tourists, there are a few things that our team believes are absolutely essential to be able to dive into the atmosphere of the ancient city on the seven hills

Cover photo: jelev92

Whether you are locals or tourists, there are a few things that our team believes are absolutely essential to be able to dive into the atmosphere of the ancient city on the seven hills.

That's why we advise you to grab the phone and document with the hashtag #lostinplovdiv and share your experience with the only digital guide under the hills.

Join Plovdiv Free Tour

One of the best ways to get to know the city under the hills for a short time is to join the free walking tour. This will help you not only navigate the many streets but also learn some interesting facts from the history of Plovdiv and the landmarks that the enthusiastic guides will show you. The team of the only digital guide under the hills also tested the tour and it turned out that it’s not bad to sometimes be a tourist in your own city.

Photo credit: jelev92

Climb up one of the hills and capture the sunset                                               

There is no other place so easily accessible from where you can see the beauty and majesty of the ancient city. Up there, there is no noise and crowd, and you can stay alone with your thoughts and emotions that the walk-in Plovdiv will inevitably bring to you.

Walk on the Main Street and indulge in a culinary feast on the tiny Gurko Street

Plovdiv is famous for the fact that our Main Street is the longest pedestrian in Europe, and we just recently went to one of the shortest streets in the city under the hills. Though not so famous for its name and impressive in its length, Gurko Street boasts one of the most valuable historical landmarks in the city under the hills - the ancient Roman Forum and Odeon, as well as several more beautiful jewels in the box of values of Plovdiv's architectural history. Although limited in the perimeter of a few meters, here you can stay in a boutique setting - 8 1/2 Art Guest House and Villa Antica, try gourmet specialties in some of the city's finest restaurants under the hills and enjoy coffee specialties and appetizing pastries in Dolce Fellini.

Eat tripe soup at Aylyatin or the cult tavern Christiana in Küçük Paris

It is said that tripe soup is a flawless remedy against a hangover, so once you have made the obligatory tour of the Plovdiv restaurants, do not miss to visit one of the town's famous shkembe-restaurants. If you really want to feel the spirit of Plovdiv - eat a tripe, overdo it with the pepper, quench your thirst with cold beer, and then go on a hill and chill until the sun rises. The way only people of Plovdiv know how.

Drink beer at Cat and Mouse

The cult bar is an experience that you shouldn’t miss because in the years it has become not only an ordinary bar but a community where innovators gather with ideas and a spirit of change. Lovers of sparkling beer gather at the bar to enjoy the beer, talk and have fun, the way you can only in Plovdiv - culturally. Cat and Mouse is one of those places where, after the second visit, you talk friendly to everyone and you feel as comfortable as at home.

Take a picture in front of the „Together” sign

An obligatory stop for all Instagram maniacs, especially if you took into account the third point of this list and you are walking around the city center. Well, sometimes you may have to queue and wait for a selfie, but the shot will be worth it.

Rent a car or book an individual tour and visit the Rhodope Mountains

From Plovdiv, you can reach unique places in one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains for a maximum of one and a half hours. Whether you decide to take the most favorite and sought-after tour of Plovdiv or choose one of the breathtaking suggestions, it depends only on your own mood and attitude.

Visit the Old town and go to a concert or theater performance on the stage of the Ancient Theater

There is no one who has not been speechless before this work of antique art, and a number of artists share that the feeling of playing on this ancient scene is indescribable. The whole atmosphere of a show somehow takes you far into the past and you inevitably remember the many events that have happened here in the years, regardless of the age. Do not miss our photo walk, which will reveal unexpected details.

Dive into the splendor of the creative district - Kapana

Under the colorful flags, you can drink cocktails, relax with a cup of coffee or have dinner in one of the miniature restaurants. Throughout the day here is full of life and good mood. Even if you lose yourself in the maze of tiny streets, do not be afraid to find new places and hidden treasures.

Recharge your batteries with a walk along the Maritsa River or the city oasis - The Rowing Channel

You are tired of the noise, but going out of town is not an option, then the easiest way is to put the headphones in your ears and enjoy your favorite music. Whether you choose the Oasis of the Channel and the many alleys in the Otdih i Kultura park or choose a solitary walk along the banks of the Maritza River, everything depends only on your preferences and the desire to immerse in the city life.