If your idea of a date is not dinner in a restaurant and a movie, here you’ll find ideas to impress your date

February is often considered the month of love and wine, and since Valentine's Day is only a few days away, the team of Lost in Plovdiv has a few suggestions to help you have a great time on a date. The idea of dinner and a movie is generally thought of as appropriate but we challenge you to be more creative and surprise your loved one with something different. Because traditions are not what they were and spontaneity may be the key to someone's heart:

Take a long walk in the park - winter may not be the best time for this in Plovdiv but it’s not impossible to have spring in February. Tsar - Simeon's Garden can be the perfect place for a long afternoon passing into a nice evening.

Meet for breakfast - who said we should always have dinner with our spouse? Beat the stereotypes and arrange for an early date in one of our team's favorite places HERE.

Go to a bookstore, select your favorite book, and you‘ll surely find thousands of topics for conversation. The only bookstore with a coffee place is in Mall Plovdiv but elsewhere there is a place to be secluded for a moment with a book in hand.

Plan a day trip out of town - escape from the noise for a moment and take a walk in nature.

Go to the ice rink - if you haven’t visited it yet, now is the right time because with the onset of spring we won’t be able to enjoy the virtuoso performances on the ice. So the date will be exciting and you won’t have the option to repeat it at least until the next winter.

Go to a game in a bar - the variety of quizzes, beer pong or other types of games is great, and for up-to-date information keep track of the regular events on Monday and Friday on Lost in Plovdiv.

Bowling fun - a game always brings you `together and is a great fun. An ideal option for a casual date where the fun is guaranteed. Bowling in Plovdiv can be played in Grand Hotel Plovdiv, Excalibur, and Aqualand.

Visit a museum - a cultural walk in Plovdiv and a date with the past.

Go for an organized tour, it may be pedestrian, wine or simply go to your favorite places and eat/drink something everywhere. It’s not a dinner but an opportunity to try different things and not limit yourself to one.

Look at the stars - if it's cold outside and the city's view is not particularly impressive, you can also do this indoors at the Natural History Museum where they’ll "walk" you around the various objects, events, and phenomena that happen in the universe.

Go to a comedy show or karaoke - relax and let the good mood “infect” you and make your date an unforgettable experience. And what happens where? Read about it in the events.

Walk along the Strymna Street and make something to remember. The place where the crafts in Plovdiv are honored. Tourists from far and near, but also people of Plovdiv, are crowding in front of the picturesque houses of the masters of Strymna Street in order to knead bread with them, make their own pottery or to find out the secrets of felting and weaving. They go to the craft street in order to teleport to another era. Well, and also to take a selfie.

Go to a musical event - concerts can be quite overcrowded but when the sound is pounding in a smaller and more intimate place it always predisposes to romance.

Skip the flowers, hearts and teddy bears that are everywhere in February and unleash your imagination. Surely that way the romantic encounter won’t become another cliché but rather something you’ll want to repeat.