Today we will reveal to you those places in the city under the hills that bring together lovers of good food and quality products


The darker and colder autumn days are just for lounging around and eating delicious food at home. And since we know that many are terrified of the crowds in the big supermarkets, we suggest visiting a few culinary shops where you will find delicate and specialized products and be served with care and in peace.

Salt and Pepper Grocery Store

In the place of the former Verdi on Petko D. Petkov Street, chef Nikolay Borukov, with whom we associate the beloved Salt and Pepper, opened a gourmet takeaway restaurant. At affordable prices, you can get delicacies such as beef tail, cheek and milk steak, sous vide cooked at a low temperature and simply eat them at home. Home-made bread, artisanal butter and cheese are also available on site. Only selected food products from well-known farms are arranged on the windows. Well, French foie gras or American lobster can also be found. Everything is delicious, organic and eco, despite the clichés associated with these definitions of a product. There is even a selection of alcohol, dips and sweets. The perfect place to pick up goodies for a feast at home.

Salumeria Rosmarino

You also know part of the team in the second place we offer you. Some time ago, Giuseppe from Osteria Rosmarino opened a delicatessen, right across from the parking lot of Mall Plovdiv. There you will find the best quality Italian products that you can prepare yourself. And if you are not in the mood for time in front of the stove - we advise you to reward yourself with either their irresistible porkette (prepared every Wednesday), or with a delicious tiramisu from the window.

Gourmet Tepe

The idea behind the creation of Gourmet Tepe is for it to be a one-of-a-kind exclusive concept venue. All delicacies are specially selected with great care and attention to meet even the most demanding taste with their uncompromising quality. They are from various categories and are 100% natural. In the store, a number of small producers from the region are gathered, and besides them, you will find meat and dairy delicacies with a characteristic homemade taste, produced in their farm Rhodopa Kom following old Bulgarian recipes without any added artificial flavorings, colorings, substitutes and improvers. They are located on Hristo Botev Blvd.

There are also such interesting places with more specific products in different locations in the neighborhoods, so we won’t stop with our recommendations, but we will try to discover and share them together with you.

And where do you shop for food?