Little Jerusalem - as the town close to Plovdiv is often called - is a great starting point for a weekend getaway


We've been promised an end to the cold weather and we're already looking around for new routes to conquer from the city of the hills. It’s extremely easy to reach Asenovgrad, even if you don't own a car. There’s a regular bus service as well as rail transport, and for all foodies we have highlighted some favorite restaurants.

Today, however, we put on our sneakers, strap on our backpacks and go for a virtual walk around the eco-trails in the surrounding area. None of them are complicated or require any special skills, so all you'll need is a little guidance and lots of sunshine and good mood.

Mount Anathema

One of the most used routes to get there starts from the Mir kindergarten. On the left you’ll see a small path that continues towards the mountain and this is the first landmark. Shortly after it, you’ll reach the dam, which is already outside the town, and you should keep the right direction past it. You’ll cross a wide road and continue up to the top, but before that you’ll reach a wide meadow with a beautiful view of Asenovgrad. A little after it there is a comfortable bench and signs with markings. Take the yellow road and keep to the right along the paths. After about 500 meters you will reach the top.

On a clear day, Asenovgrad is in front of you, and in the distance you can count the hills in Plovdiv yourself.

Kutra Mount

There is also a marked eco-trail leading to it, which will reveal magnificent panoramas to parts of the Rhodopes, Plovdiv and Asenovgrad. To reach it, you need to take the road to Bachkovo and reach Zahariy Zograf Street, where the route starts. At first the road is wide and reaches the chapel of Saint Nestor, and shortly after it look for a pointer to the left. It is the starting point for climbing to the very top. The direction is only south, following the markings.

Shortly before the top you’ll come to an open place on the rocks, and after a turn to the right there is the peak itself!

Asen's fortress

We have dedicated a separate text to this walk, and as a starting point you can use the Bachkovo metoch or, more precisely, the medieval stone-walled church St. Georgi Metoshki. When you reach it, go behind the church and take the first path, which is parallel to the road and above it. The path passes by the chapel of St. Iliya. From it, a steep path leads down to the road to the fortress. But here the suggestion is to continue forward, where you’ll shortly reach a crossroads. Down (to the left) the path leads to the asphalt road to the Asen’s fortress. You have three turns to get there. If you continue to the right, you’ll come out on asphalt again, but already a little above the fortress. This road leads to another chapel, St. Dimitar, and in order to reach it, after a few turns you have to go again along a path in the forest. In this direction are the villages of Lyaskovo and Yavrovo.