Today we go back a few decades to rekindle our memories of some iconic places that today we only hear about from older people


The formation of this area by the city under the hills began a little more than a century ago. Then there was a large gathering of refugees from Odrin and Belomorska Thrace and the western outskirts, who settled in the southern part of Plovdiv. We have dedicated quite a few texts to the history of Kyuchuk Paris, as well as to restaurants and coffee bars that are worth visiting if you are in the area.

Today, however, we go back a few decades to rekindle our memories of some iconic places that today we only hear about from older people.

Marsa Disco

The two-story building at one of the important intersections in the neighborhood was originally built and used as a cinema and a club for Thracian refugees, so that’s why older people will probably remember it by the name Trakia. Subsequently, it became one of the popular discotheques in Kyuchka, known to everyone as Marsa, and for many years a library was housed above. Regulars remember it for the fun parties and the frequent fights after the party.

At the moment, there is a restaurant with a large garden and a children's corner. It is preferred by the people in the neighborhood because of its play facilities and relatively affordable prices.

The White House

The architecturally atypical building for Kyuchuk Paris is located at the stop after Kamela on Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd., just before the Komatevski junction. Old people know it as Pramatarov's house, built somewhere around 1950. In the past, it was the largest in the area. After 1989, a bar with a garden was opened there, where they made good coffee and cocktails. It briefly housed a furniture store and at some point, shortly before 2010, it was closed for good and used solely for family living.

Camela coffee club

Another establishment that has been razed to the ground for years, but the old residents of the neighborhood continue to use it as a landmark.

Today, a new building has been erected in its place, and since 2010 there has also been a café below, whose name Cameo reminds of the glorious past of the 90s. A large casino was also opened on its back.