Freshly roasted coffee, Czech Easter dough “chimneys” and juicy steaks are the latest offers in the art district


Only a few months ago, Kapana was empty and deserted due to the temporary closure of favorite establishments because of the forced isolation. Almost two months without the opportunity to sit outside put a number of difficulties in front of the industry and it is still quite difficult to predict what the situation will be even weeks ahead. However, in one of the most beloved places in Plovdiv - Kapana district, three people took a risk and presented their concept for the first time in this uncertain period.

We start somehow logically with coffee, because it is the drink without which we can’t wake up in the morning and our day is never quite the same without its irresistible taste and aroma. In our article with recommendations on where to buy quality coffee for home, we presented SNACK Specialty Coffee, and if you want to try their selection on the spot, you can do it on Hristo Dyukmedzhiev Street. Their concept is to find and roast some of the best coffee available in the world. They don’t like to mix different varieties to ensure the real taste and to allow the characteristics of each region and producer to reveal themselves naturally.

We continue a little further down the street towards the center to draw your attention to a place that is not entirely new, but as they themselves jokingly say - they sent away the monkey at the end of June, but without its burgers. Monkey Burgers is already part of the history of the district, and Fork and Knife remains the place where you can enjoy craft burgers, premium beef, veal and pork steaks, signature salads and house-mixed sauces. The new owners kept the concept to some extent, but upgraded it not only with improved tastes, but also with a free children's playground for young visitors, while their parents enjoy the appetizing food and completely refreshed interior.

We kept the dessert for the end, because until recently in the city under the hills, we didn’t really have such delicacies. The origin of the Easter dough chimneys is somewhat controversial, as they are now available in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and other countries under several different names. But in Plovdiv they are prepared according to an original Czech recipe, and the place is Trdlokafe. We guarantee that the traditional trdelník is irresistible and melts in your mouth. It is available in a pure version of freshly baked fragrant Easter dough, as well as with various fillings for all fans of sweet food. You will find them behind the parking lot of the Hali next to the outside part of Sofra and don't forget to try them. You will thank us later!