Turkish and Cuban cuisine in Plovdiv or something healthy to take home - whatever you decide to try from our suggestions, we're sure you won't go wrong.



We can't help but highlight a fast-food restaurant in Kuchuk Paris that is totally worth the trip there. It is located in Via Park and every day, it presents a selection of beloved recipes, prepared with quality products and distinguished by excellent taste. Meat recipes, fish and necessarily something vegan or vegetarian - every day they publish their menu on social media and you can choose what you feel like eating. There are also places to sit, as well as takeaway. We guarantee it's truly home-cooked and will have you coming back for more.

El Jefe Cuban Food and More

They opened in the middle of summer at a well-known location - right after Stenata confectionery and ice cream house on Nikola Petkov Street. Their concept of Cuban cuisine is quite new to our city, but certainly worth a try. We'll be sharing more about their interesting story very soon, but until then, try the herb-buttered corn on the cob as an appetizer and ask about their best-selling sandwich made from the island nation's recipe, the Cubano.


The newest Turkish restaurant in Kapana opened its doors less than a month ago and already has its fans. Here they come to try the traditional specialty kokorec, which is made from lamb intestines wrapped around spiced offal. They are served either sliced and flavored with a pinch of oregano on a plate, or in pita bread as a sandwich. It is one of the most consumed fast foods in Turkey. Be sure to try their mussels too! It is located in the parking lot next to the Central Hali.

Which one did you know about and have already tried?