We have selected three tested places for you, and you can add more in the comments


We have a long weekend ahead of us, but even if you don't have two or three days available, picnics outside the city are an ideal way to escape the whirlpool of everyday life. In fact, in Plovdiv it is also possible to have lunch outdoors - in the green areas of Lauta Park, where there are barbecues adapted for the purpose. This is an option if you don’t want to travel, but our suggestions are no more than an hour away and the coolness of the mountain is definitely felt.

Out-of-town picnics are usually a way to escape the crowds, because there are so many meadows that keeping any kind of social distance is extremely easy. We have selected three tested places for you, and you can add more in the comments.

Rozovski Vriz area - Bratsigovo

Our first suggestion is a holiday village in the direction of the town of Bratsigovo and only 5-6 km from the village of Rozovo. The area takes its name from the fact that a lot of water springs and gathersthere, which leads to a micro-dam called Gyuvecha. The place is preferred for recreation in summer and winter. There are several huge meadows that are maintained. The main one also has security, as well as a separate playground so that the little ones don't get bored. There is a gazebo and running water nearby, which makes eating outside even easier. In the third week of July, the annual fair of the village of Rozovo is held here. Everyone who comes to the resort must bring food, because a shop for the most necessary products is open only during the summer months. Available to those who want to stay longer, there is the possibility of accommodation in bungalows or holiday resorts (at the moment it is necessary to check whether and how exactly they receive guests). Villas are scattered all over the place and in the period May-October it is quite lively. There are several routes in the area for day trips - to the Raven's Rock, Atoluka, Ravnogor, the Blue Waterfalls and others.

The area around Lift Sopot

We have already taken you on a photo walk around this area, as well as on one of the paths to the Sopot waterfall. This is quite a convenient picnic area because it is very close to the city. You have shops available to buy everything you need on arrival, the Sopot cable car is also an interesting experience (currently open from Friday to Sunday), and we assume that Gelato & Latte will open soon, which is an option for eating sandwiches and amazing gelato prepared on the spot. The meadow around the lift is spacious, there is a fountain nearby (right in front of the monastery), and while you eat, you can enjoy the paragliders, who are like colored spots in the blue sky.

In the direction of Asenovgrad

This is also one of the most visited routes when we think of a walk out of town or a picnic on a meadow. On hot days you can literally see blankets and towels perched meters away around the Chaya River. In the summer, the people of Asenovgrad and Plovdiv often use it as a beach and an alternative to the city pools. From Bachkovo on the meadows up there are also many places that you can use to sit on the grass and eat what you have prepared.

This type of picnics are a favorite of the whole family and we definitely recommend you take advantage of the pleasant spring weather. We only urge you to light a fire in the designated areas and clean up after yourself. Let us enjoy nature and the space it provides us, but also keep it clean!