Although it is the beginning of the year, we can’t stop eating cakes, and continue to find places that are worth it


We took you virtually around the confectioneries in the city center and we even went back many years to the time when going out to a pastry shop was a whole event.

Today, however, we dedicate the following lines to 3 places that make it worthwhile to catch a bus or get in your car and indulge in a real culinary feast. Yes, the beginning of the year may be the best time for detox and dieting, but the team of the only digital guide under the hills gives you an alternative for those days when something sweet is allowed. After all, everyone should have such days!

First, we’ll go to the Kamenitza district, where just opposite the high school of architecture and construction for more than 5 years there is a place where life is always delicious. Magnolia offers a showcase of freshly baked pastries, as well as sandwiches, salads and a large selection of sweet food. There is everything - homemade cakes, and creams, and French macarons, and muffins. The cakes are made on site, using only natural products. A preservative is a forbidden word! In addition to chocolate temptations and cheesecakes, the master confectioners also make custom boutique cakes for different occasions, using a lot of imagination.

We quickly jump to Trakia, where you shouldn’t miss the pink fairytale of the Little Ida confectionery. There, they are waiting for everyone looking for someone to tell their stories. Because being able to "talk" only with a slab, several layers of flavorful cream and glaze is art in its highest form. To be a part of people's stories, to make their dreams come true, to recreate their most beautiful fantasies on cakes is something that is not learned - it is carried in the heart! In the Little Ida confectionery, you can order among a wide variety of homemade cakes, cakes with fondant and sugar figurines, muffins, brownies, petit fours, cookies and many other sweet delicacies. One of the greatest passions of their confectioners are children's cakes, which allow them to unleash their imagination and make their favorite characters come to life on the dessert.

We end up in Karshiyaka, where on Polk. Sava Mutkurov Street you will find Fantasies confectionery and bakery. They are not widely advertised on the Internet, but if you are nearby, be sure to stop by to eat something tasty. You can choose from a variety of flavors, fluffy muffins, French macarons and many types of cookies. As for the calories - we'll think about it on Monday!