The only digital guide under the hills has chosen the places where they will surely feed you well and give you a reason to come back

An attractive place for young and old, the park on Bunardzhika hill is filled with visitors and children's laughter in the first warm days. This is our suggestion for all who want to escape from the tourist crowds of Nebet Tepe in Old Plovdiv and still enjoy the stunning view of the whole city as if on a palm.

Among the countless small paths and hidden corners, you can spend most of your day relaxing in nature, but the time comes when we need to satiate our hunger and eat something delicious.

We have three suggestions, where they will surely feed you well and give you a reason to come back over and over again.

It was at the foot of the hill just a year ago that the Little Bunardzhik was reborn. It opened its doors as part of the Yuzhen Polah restaurant chain. Yuzhen Polah at Little Bunardzhik is suitable for organizing personal events as well as lunch or evening meals with family and friends. The outside part is terraced, located on several levels, and the interior is bright and spacious. For the kids there is a separate space with a slide so that parents can eat in peace, undisturbed by impatient children. The menu is varied and offers suggestions from both Bulgarian and European cuisines. Be ready for portions that are not very small and even the combination of a starter and a salad can be quite sufficient. We recommend fresh salads, potato chips, and grill.

Pasta e Vino Petraglia is a place we have repeatedly mentioned, but it deserves our admiration for the incredible tastes that Chef Petraglia cooks every time. The varied weekly menu is eagerly awaited and allows you to try different Italian specialties and recipes at each visit. Even something simple and incompatible like soup with pasta and potatoes has a phenomenal taste. And when you come across something rarely served in the Plovdiv culinary scene like pasta with sepia or a Vitello tonnato, we guarantee that you will lick your fingers.

Riviera Restaurant is located a few steps away on Danail Nikolaev street, but as well as Little Bunardzhik is a restaurant with a long history. A lot of friends have gathered for a glass of wine and a warm dish, and they have stayed until late chatting in the company of well-prepared meals. At the appropriate weather, we recommend that you sit in the garden and let the staff recommend you a specialty of the chef.

And for dessert and ice cream, which we remember from our childhood, don’t miss to go to Ice Cream House and Patisserie Stenata. The cakes are a delicious mix of prepared the spot layers, creams and glazes of high quality, natural products and although decorated simply they take us back to that taste of childhood when you close your eyes and feel a pleasant unobtrusive sweetness on the tip of your tongue, the light fluffiness of the cream and the softness of the homemade layer. The taste has remained unchanged in the last 27 years, and it is not uncommon for you to see three generations at a single table, who enjoy eating ice cream, and some even have cream and chocolate smeared from ear to ear.

And where would you recommend we eat after a tiring walk up the hill?