The team of the only digital guide under the hills highlighted some of our favorite places, encouraging everyone to leave their favorite restaurant in the comments


After our several articles for eating away from the center, it is time for the westernmost part of the City under the hills. In the past, the Smirnenski neighborhood was often characterized as the "green" part of Plovdiv and over the years became a very preferred place for living and investing. Today, instead of small single-family houses, large co-ops are being built in most of the areas, but there is still a rather large influx of people willing to settle in this part of the city. Much of the housing is rented out too, so the proximity to delicious food and good restaurants is not at all to be overlooked.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills highlighted some of our favorite places, encouraging everyone to leave their favorite restaurant in the comments.

We won’t dwell on the establishments in the area of ​​the Rowing Channel, since we already have a separate article for them, but we will turn your attention to a restaurant in the first mall in Plovdiv. Fancy Restaurant has opened its doors with the very opening of the mall and has been welcoming its customers to the top floor of the dining area for 10 years. During these 10 years it has undergone a number of metamorphoses not only in vision and setting but also in the selection of the specialties offered. Today the place has a completely renovated interior, a great heated winter garden and a brand new menu. The kitchen combines a variety of offerings from fresh salads and starters to an interesting interpretation of cheesecake prepared with buffalo milk and honey. Whether you’d like pasta, burgers, or high-end beef, the restaurant is a great option for lunch or dinner. There is also a children's center nearby, so you can leave your child and have a meal, and the possibility of shopping before/after eating will only be "slightly" hinted.

The second place plunges us into the spiciness of Mexican cuisine, because the second location from the Sombrero chain is in the Smirnenski neighborhood. Sombrero is a colorful place where the sangria is perfectly complemented by the delicious quesadillas and the hot is really hot! An interesting fact is that Mexican cuisine has been added by UNESCO to the list of intangible cultural heritage, and the good news is that you can also try it in the European Capital of Culture 2019. In addition to menu suggestions, on a daily and weekly basis you can also find special recipes, so we recommend that you don’t hesitate to visit.

We will again be surprised with something exotic for the Bulgarian tastes in the last place recommended by us - Japonica. This is the first Japanese restaurant under the hills to open about half a year ago. In it, some of the products are shipped directly from the Land of the Rising Sun and the other from special markets abroad. On the menu you will find a variety of authentic Japanese dishes, most of which are Chef Lozev's original recipes. Every visit is unique and offers special offers that are updated periodically. Connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine recommend that you try the ramen and sushi options.

And what are your favorite places to eat in the area?