They’ve now sunk into oblivion and only their walls can tell about the thousands of happy moments that visitors have experienced in them


It is true that at the moment most bars and restaurants are somehow empty and "sad" because of the forced closure, but there are others that have closed their doors for many years and only the memory of them remains. Whether for financial reasons or for political interests, the team of the only digital guide under the hills singled out 3 vacant places that some of us clearly remember. They’ve now sunk into oblivion and only their walls can tell about the thousands of happy moments that visitors have experienced in them.

Bunardzhika's buffet

Few people know what the functions of the currently abandoned building on the first terrace under the monument to Alyosha were. Only the slightly older ones among you may remember that it was a beautiful building, with an outdoor playground where you could drink coffee, soft drinks or beer after the hike to the top (or eat something small – after all, you need energy for the descent). Those who have visited it say that they went there to drink coffee, because the restaurant downstairs was more expensive.

The buffet was realized after the beauty and potential (as a place for recreation) of the Plovdiv hills were discovered in the 1930s during the time of Mayor Bozhidar Zdravkov. Then the refinement of Bunardzhika began. The place offered breathtaking views to its visitors to the east to the entire city center. The building impressed with its horizontally elongated architectural image - with its large canopy, with a semicircular curve typical of modernism (on its southern side). Its adjoining terraces were on several separate levels and open views of absolutely all customers. It functioned as a restaurant for many years until it was converted into a disco in the 1990s, and then began to be deserted. The building was demolished years ago to make room for a new restaurant, whose project is not a very good, rough and stylistically incomprehensible reminiscence of the old building. It wasn’t realized after a civil reaction and protests.

The restaurant in the House of the Newlyweds

Some of us remember it as the Rosenhof beer house, but even with the construction of the House of the Newlyweds in the 1960s, the room was planned and functioned as a restaurant. In 2018, the municipality regained it and announced an auction with the intention for it to remain a restaurant again, but even after the renovation of the ritual building - it continues to be sadly deserted. The room has an area of 220 square meters and is located on the ground floor. It certainly remembers the laughter of dozens of wedding guests and has witnessed more than one or two vows of love, but today there is still no interest in it.

Skalata Pastry Shop

Since 2018, when the Municipality of Plovdiv officially acquired ownership of the property, the cult pastry shop Skalata at the foot of Sahat Tepe has remained in history. It was housed in the old bomb shelter for more than 20 years and was known among the people of Plovdiv for its delicious sundaes and cakes. Three years ago, the management said that there would be no more facilities there, and the place would be used to build a playground or other object of public importance and would be cleared. Unfortunately, this has not yet happened and the entire perimeter is sadly deserted, reminiscent of times gone by on full stomachs and quiet coffee drinking away from the noise of Main Street and yet in the center of the oldest city in Europe.