If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who have taken their vacation and are on the beach, or if you avoid the crowds on the Black Sea coast - then there is only one choice for you: a weekend getaway to the dams around the city


We are almost in the middle of August and the situation in the city under the hills is the usual for the summer season - heat, heat and heat again. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who have taken their vacation and are on the beach, or if you avoid the crowds on the Black Sea coast - then there is only one choice for you: a weekend getaway to the dams around the city. In most cases, they offer a wilder and more secluded experience, especially if you opt for one where there are mainly camping options. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity for fishing or water sports, which some of the places offer. With all things mentioned, we don’t think that there’s any need to convince you what nice time you can have, but we will move on to a few dams that we recommend because of the coveted evening coolness and beautiful nature in the area.


We have set aside a separate text for Dospat on the website and since it’s one of the largest in the country in area and volume, it is not to be missed. It stretches for 1200 meters and is the beginning of the Dospat-Krichim cascade. It gathers its waters from the rivers: Dospat, Kanina, Bistritsa and Vishteritsa, springing from Dabrash, which are transferred to it by special underground tunnels. Its shores are mostly sloping, have woods, with beautiful comfortable meadows for picnics or camping. There are many quiet and beautifully outlined bays, suitable for fishing and boating. The dam is rich in fish. Perch, carp, mullet, bleak, redfin and trout swim in it. Several types of fishing are practiced: with a float, bottom fishing, fly fishing, with a fishing lure and with a buldo A walk along the slopes along the reservoir reveals a number of places with interesting names - Hadzhiosmanskoto, Derazlii, Karvav dol, Orlino, Manastira, Zelnikovo, etc., all names related to the ancient history of the town of Dospat. Definitely worth giving it at least a day off next weekend.


The dam is located in the Rhodopes, on the border of three districts: Smolyan, Pazardzhik and Plovdiv. It provides part of the drinking water for the city under the hills and is used for irrigation of the Plovdiv field. It has the highest dam wall in Bulgaria - 144.5 m. There are a large number of pontoons in Vacha Dam. There are many guest houses around it, and lovers of unusual experiences can stay in a villa in the dam itself, which can be reached by boat. A great variety of fish grows in its waters - grass carp, bream, zander, common roach, Crucian carps, mullet, perch, common nase, catfish, bleak, pumpkinseed, carp, redfin and pike. It is therefore a very famous fishing destination. A wonderful view of the area is revealed from the Sveti Iliya peak. Boat or paddle boat rides are available. There are several eco-trails in the area for hiking enthusiasts.

Golyam Beglik

Golyam Beglik Dam is located between Dospat and Batak, and can be reached from both directions. It was built in the period of 1946 - 1951, and until June 11, 1999 it was named Vasil Kolarov. In the immediate vicinity is the Beglika Reserve, and the whole area, both around the dams and in the reserve, has camping sites, bathrooms and walking paths. Apart from everything else, hunting and fishing enthusiasts will not be disappointed either.


Batak is the sixth largest dam in Bulgaria, located in the Western Rhodopes, Pazardzhik region. A preferred place for a holiday in the mountains, in peace and comfort, with the possibility of fishing all year round. On the west bank of the dam is the mountain resort of Tsigov Chark, and on the other - the Danoto resort (Peshtera municipality), which is quieter and calmer than Tsigov Chark and very close to the St. Constantine resort. For the most part, the dam has sloping banks with a gradual slope, which are easily accessible by car and are convenient for camping. Over the years, Batak has been stocked with rainbow trout, silver carp, zander, carp, buffalofish and catfish. Back in 1974, a fisherman pulled a trophy rainbow trout weighing 5.2 kg from the waters of the dam. But these are just good old memories and currently the main fish species are perch, common roach and crucian carp. The bleak and the river mullet almost disappeared, and carp is caught accidentally, mostly on fishing rods, stretched by boat inwards in the open and deep parts of the dam.

Shiroka Polyana

The dam is located in the Pazardzhik region, Batak municipality. It was built for energy needs in the early years of socialism (1960-1963) and to this day its waters are used mainly for this. It spills into a very broken mountain massif in the Western Rhodopes at 1500 m above sea level. Almost everywhere the dam is surrounded by centuries-old pine forests, and its shores are washed in lush meadows here and there. It is surrounded by three protected areas: Shiroka Polyana from the north-northwest (with a part of the dam), Studena Chuchurka from the south-southwest, Kaval Tepe from east-northeast and east-southeast. In the active season in the summer, it is difficult to find a free place for camping. In the dam you can find river mullet, American and Balkan trout, perch, carp, catfish, common roach, golden and silver Crucian carps, grass carp. But most of the valuable fish it was known for in the distant past are now in minimal quantities. Shiroka Polyana is among the first freezing dams in our country. In this sense, only a few days of cold in the high parts of the Rhodopes are necessary and its surface hardens.