Several new locations that deserve our attention

Coffee is the most commonly used drink after water, and more than 2.5 billion milliliters of the fragrant liquid is drunk per day. But the purpose of today's article is not just to share dry statistics but to present you another 5 places in Plovdiv where coffee is worth trying.

Our search for the best coffee in the city under the hills has a long history, and we remind you that two years ago we found 6 places where they prepared it perfectly and then we continued our tours in a larger radius and we identified the cafes you shouldn’t miss in the neighborhoods. It turns out, however, that there are several new locations that deserve our attention.

Dwell Coffee House, hidden in one of the very intersections of the Roman Stadium Square, is a jewel for all connoisseurs of caffeinated beverages. They serve you coffee, you close your eyes and sip blissfully. They use freshly brewed Chucky's coffee; an interesting fact is that in one cup of sugar-free coffee there are exactly 0 calories and about 300 antioxidants, so it may turn out to be absolutely necessary in moderate amounts.

Dea Coffee is also not a place you notice right away, but it is precisely the coziness that makes it so enjoyable to visit and drink coffee during the day. Situated under a cooperative building next to the Military Hospital, Dea coffee is committed to friendly attitude and service. We recommend you try coffee with Baileys, especially in the moments when you have more time to indulge in coffee drinking as a ritual.

Caffeine improves your mood - this is an indisputable fact because it increases the production of dopamine (the hormone of happiness), and we feel even happier when we have the time to drink coffee in Otsreshta. It's where we can meet, talk and share ideas about everything we care about and make our lives better. They often organize events and encourage all young artists and entrepreneurs to share valuable experience with each other. Also suitable for daytime work with a cup of Illy.

We can’t miss the cute confectionery store 5 o’clock where besides the delicious temptations we also have a big cup of cappuccino with the selected Dabov varieties. The rich foam and dense taste suit perfectly the homemade cakes and sweets. We strongly recommend it to all coffee connoisseurs and cake lovers.

And if you think our selection is missing the familiar Lavazza, we suggest you judge the quality of the beverage offered at Amadeus. At a central location but away from the madness of the Main Street, this is a place particularly suitable for meetings with friends and larger companies. Often, there are offers for combinations with freshly squeezed juice and this is a good alternative for freshening up not only in the morning but also in the afternoon.

Interestingly, the Italians drink espresso with sugar, the Germans and the Swiss add hot chocolate to it, the Mexicans drink it with cinnamon, the Belgians eat chocolate while drinking coffee. The Moroccans drink it with black pepper, the Ethiopians with a pinch of salt. The Austrians drink coffee with whipped cream, and the Egyptians are the most economical - they prefer to drink their coffee black.

And how do you prefer it and which is your favorite place for coffee?