There, your child or your wife will never stand with their arms crossed in front of the TV and distract you from that amazing goal at the end of the half


Watching sports, especially for gentlemen, is like a religion. The ritual includes the preparation of an ice-cold beer, some snacks, a comfortable armchair or sofa and, if possible, at least a few friends to discuss the game with. And since in most cases it’s a full house at home and it takes a lot of preparations and conditionality, we have selected 5 places in the city under the hills, where you can enjoy the game in peace. There you will surely find like-minded people, and the enthusiastic shouts after a well-played match are an absolute must!


The place is certainly well known to all rock and metal fans under the hills. However, when there is no event planned, it is also a great opportunity to enjoy the Champions League and then a game of foosball, for example. Ideal for spending time with boys!

Temple Bar

Located on the second floor of a building on the Main Street, next to the Drama Theater, Temple Bar offers a wide variety of beers and a perfect setting for watching sports together with several screens for watching various matches.

No Sense

One of the oldest bars in the city, No Sense also never fails to cover all the major events. Apart from them, the bar often organizes various competitions, karaoke and non-stop party evenings with rock music!

Wunderbær - Hills Beer Bar & Shop

The Hills Beer House is also an extremely convenient location when you just want to get together with friends and enjoy the game of your favorite team. The place is away from the crowd of the Main Street, so it’s usually quiet and appropriate to go wild with a glass of good beer in hand.

Bally Club

For the 25 years in its existence, Bally Club has welcomed thousands of customers to its cult parties on weekends and numerous aylyaks for coffee or drink during the week. The space is the size of a slightly larger living room and this makes it extremely cozy and suitable for just this type of gathering. And at half-time you can always have a drink and enjoy the view from the terrace of the colors of Kapana on the one side and of the Roman Stadium Square on the other.

Headshot The Irish Pub is another popular place where we know that sports fans gather for beer, but at the moment we see that it’s closed and we hope that with better weather and loosening of restrictions, it will reopen .

And where do you prefer to watch the game of your favorite team?