Some of the provisions are really weird, but it's good to be familiar with them if you do not want to be fined


Plovdiv is city with spirit and character. It is city of the people who pass through it, no matter if it’s for 5 days or 50 years. Like all world cities, there are habits that must be observed by all. Some may sound strange, another even crazy, but guide will introduce you to this side of the ancient city.

Here is a list of thing you should not do during your stay in Plovdiv:

1. The picnics in Tsar Simeon’s garden are strictly forbidden – no doubt this is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. It enchants its visitors with rich vegetation, statues and fountains that can be characterized as sculptors. Of course the Singing fountain and its light show are not to be missed. There are small green meadows in Tsar Simeon’s garden, covered with fresh grass, but if you want to stretch a blanket and have a picnic, read a book on the green area or have a romantic moment with a loved one, you risk being fined from the municipal guards, because it is forbidden.

2. In the same park you can’t walk your dog, no matter if it is on strap or rein, or has a muzzle. The provision is new, but many people are taking care for the order in the park, so even if you’re not fined, you’ll have to deal with useless scandals.

3. You can’t drive a bicycle in the center of the city – obviously. The Main Street is pedestrian and the passers are hundreds. This provision is active not only for the safety of the bikers but also for the pedestrians. If you own a bike or you’ve rented one, you can drive it at the Regatta Venue. The place is also suitable for picnics. As to the reasonableness of the movement – it is controversial in some aspects because the restriction breaks the link for cyclists between the southern and northern parts of the center.

4. It is forbidden to drink alcohol on public places – this includes the whole country. Many young people gather in the parks and gardens to have fun under the open sky. It is something normal for Bulgaria but the use of alcohol is prohibited. And it does not matter if it’s light beer or something stronger. The only exception is the ciders, but the control on this topic is not particularly intensified, so we just inform you.

5. It is forbidden to play loud music in the central part - this is a topic that created a lot of problems for the city. During the winter season music is permissible until 22:30 and during the summer until 23:00. This prohibition includes all outdoor performances, whether it’s organized concerts or street artists. If you like to sing in the street beware – you may get a fine from a police officer.