Travel outside the country is still not allowed, but if you are hungry for Turkish delicacies, we’ll recommend some of our favorite specialties and where to eat them


It is not enough to say that we are fans of Turkish food. It is extremely rich in flavors and spices, and whether we focus on the juiciness of meat specialties, or rely on the lavish flavors of desserts, we are guaranteed to be transported to the splendor of Arabic cuisine.

Fortunately, in Plovdiv we also have some places we prefer, where we can safely say that they prepare very authentic recipes. We have selected 5 delicacies from them, as a kind of introduction to the world of Turkish specialties, but feel free to share your favorites in the comments.


This is an extremely light and delicious dessert with caramel topping, which looks like revane(semolina cake) with icing. What is specific about it is that according to the original recipe it is prepared with three types of dairy: milk, liquid cream, and condensed milk. It is believed that Albanian emigrants brought trilece to the territory of Turkey, and today it is already a very popular way to satisfy a sweet tooth in our southern neighbor. Some even describe it as a worthy rival to baklava. We recommend that you try it in the version with pistachios, and in the pastry-shop Mozaik they make it truly divine!

Sand coffee

To drink coffee on sand or the so-called. Turkish coffee is an art. It is drunk slowly and accompanied by something sweet. The cups in which it is served must also be special - small, ceramic and without handles. The coffee itself is prepared in a pot with hot sand. This way of making contributes to a more even preparation of the drink and, accordingly, an even more aromatic and rich taste.


We continue with another dessert, which is most typical of the countries of the eastern Mediterranean. It is a syrupy delicacy of kadaif and a dairy product similar to desalinated yellow cheese or cottage cheese. The dessert is usually served hot, from which the yellow cheese filling spills out and begins to "make threads". The combination of sweet and salty creates a truly unique aftertaste that sweetens perfectly every hour of our day. You can try it in most Turkish restaurants and pastry shops.

Adana kebab

Kebab is an indisputable emblem in the Turkish national cuisine. The word has Arabic roots and means a combination of embers, fire and meat. It is most often served with bread and yoghurt sauce, and the side dish is usually some kind of salad. Adana kebab is characterized by the use of lamb, and in its preparation tomato paste, vegetables, black pepper, hot spices are added. The mixture is then strung on metal skewers. You can try it in the garden of a Brazilia restaurant, take somehome from Pasha, or sit among the colorful streets of Kapana in front of the Sofra restaurant.

“Bathed” banitsa

We finish with a pastry product, which is very similar to our version. The bathed banitsa is ideal for breakfast, and the difference is that each crust is soaked in an egg-milk mixture. This makes its taste much richer and the crusts fluffier. Enjoy it in the early morning at the outdoor tables of Dzhumayapastry-shop and you will thank us for the good start to your day.