We explored the surroundings of Plovdiv and found 5 beautiful villages that would be wonderful destinations for weekend tourism


Text: *Petya Bankova, intern in Lost in Plovdiv

Tourism, including visits to villages and localities, has been gaining in popularity in recent years. That is why we explored the surroundings of Plovdiv and found 5 beautiful villages that would be wonderful destinations for weekend tourism.

Our first suggestion is Novo Selo, most often mentioned because of the Hollywood sign on one of the hills and the mock "Recreational and Cultural Activities Center", which makes the site an exceptional photo attraction. The "Bulgarian Hollywood", as people jokingly call it, is located just 23 km away from Plovdiv. If you can't get to Los Angeles, then Novo Selo offers you a great opportunity. However, the sign is not the only thing popular in the village - the visit to the St. Lydia Chapel, which is located nearby, is well worth it.

If you are a fan of not only visiting beautiful Bulgarian villages but also like picnics on sunny meadows, then the next village gives you a reason to combine the two. The village of Yavrovo is located 30 km away from the city under the hills. As you may have heard, it has to do with the poet Nikolay Haytov. Yavrovo is his home village, which will welcome you with beautiful nature, Bulgarian atmosphere and a story about the life of the writer in the museum house.

Belozem - our third suggestion, is famous as the village of storks. Located 35 km away from Plovdiv, since 2005 it has been officially declared the European Stork Village and home to more than 40 stork nests. Belozem proudly bears the title, commemorating the Stork Festival every year and has a Stork Park with an observation tower. As we also shared in our article on Alternative Entertainment, there is a base from which you can fly a balloon.

Our next destination - Sitovo, is located 35 km away from the city under the hills. It is an example of those Rhodope villages whose descriptions are found in legends and folk tales. Situated in the embrace of the Rhodope Mountains, Sitovo is also connected with a riddle - the riddle of the Sitovo inscription. The signboard before entering the village will lead you to signs carved in rocks around the dirt road. The signs have not been read out and the writing remains a mystery that leads many researchers and tourists to the village.

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By Valpamoukov - Собствена творба, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Our last village was chosen specially for wine lovers. The village of Starosel welcomes its guests 50 km away from Plovdiv with a specially built complex for wine and spa tourism, in which they can indulge in a well-deserved and real break from everyday life. The village is also known for the Thracian tombs discovered by Dr. Georgi Kitov. Starosel combines the feeling of ancient history and the intoxication of Bulgarian wine.

The villages that our team suggests offer something for everyone - wine for the traditionalists, mysteries, and riddles for the curious and beautiful landscapes for people who see with their eyes, heart and soul. Whether they will serve as a weekend getaway or for a photo walk, the villages offer so much without asking for anything in return.