Only if you take a few minutes to go back in time will you find at least a few things that Plovdiv has improved over the last 15 years


Every city and the way the citizens live in it requires constant work and change in the direction of improvement and movement towards progress. Yes, there will always be weaknesses in governance, but only if you take a few minutes to go back in time will you find at least a few things that Plovdiv has improved over the last 15 years.


We start with the creative district, because everyone will remember how just some years ago it was a place for parking cars and chasing cats and mice, rather than for fun and good times.

In fact, a renovation project was presented back in 1981, but for a number of reasons this did not happen and only in 2013 and along with the candidacy of Plovdiv for European Capital of Culture 2019 Kapana began to be built as a place of crafts. Today it is one of the most attractive places under the hills and the people of Plovdiv and guests of the city love to spend their time within these few streets, always filled with a lot of fun and laughter.

Gourmet culture

The situation with restaurants and bars in Plovdiv was also very different. It was mainly relied on recipes preferred by all, without signature and original variations. Artisan products were a rarity, and words like brunch and craft cocktail or beer were completely unknown.

Now we can safely say that the city under the hills has become a favorite destination for connoisseurs of good taste and even people living in Sofia come here over the weekend to enjoy interesting cuisine in favorite places. We can now choose from a variety of cuisines and move to Japan one day or to sunny Italy on the next.

Improvement of parks and green areas

Tsar Simeon's Garden, Bunardzhika Park, the playgrounds of the Rowing Base, the area around the Maritsa River, many of the neighborhood parks - all these are projects that have significantly improved the quality of life and are excellent places to spend your free time.

During the weekends they are full of people and contribute to the much-desired escape from city life in the very center of the city!

Bicycle lanes and opportunities for green travel

After about 60 kilometers of bike lanes have been built, it is now quite possible to reach most places and neighborhoods only by bike. In addition to bicycles, electric scooters and cars entered in 2020 as an environmentally friendly alternative. They are constantly expanding their network and hopefully gradually help with the overcrowding of the city with cars, especially in the ideal center, where parking is increasingly becoming mission impossible.

Cultural life

Plovdiv winning the title European Capital of Culture 2019 was certainly the reason, but even after that, life in Plovdiv continues to be full of interesting initiatives and places to visit. Last year, the impressive Bishop’s Basilica opened its doors, and amazes everyone with its exposition. You shouldn’t miss the Revival houses of the ensemble in Old Plovdiv, too.

Galleries have also increased in number and enriched the cultural scene under the hills.

And what has improved your life in Plovdiv for you personally in the last 15 years?