Some of our team's favorite Instagram accounts

Every one of us who spends more than five minutes (okay, at least an hour) a day on Instagram has their favorite profiles. They always inspire us when we need visual enjoyment and make us open our eyes to the beauty around us.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills also has their favorite business, personal and friendly accounts, of which we have outlined a few today to share with you, our readers. The fact is that millions of people use Instagram and it is not easy to find your "people" there, but we advise you to subscribe to the #lostinplovdivhashtag to always be in the know of everything that happens in your beloved city.


You have certainly been impressed by the cover photos of many of our articles like Places to capture the most beautiful sunset in Plovdiv, What to do in Plovdiv in the autumn and many more. We are happy that Georgi shares with us all his view on Plovdiv and definitely succeeds in inspiring us and showing us what a beautiful place we live in!


We love to enjoy the old town through her eyes. Capturing old buildings, their spirit, and their history is certainly something she’s good at, so we hope she continues to "walk" us virtually through her favorite places. In her profile you can find many more interesting destinations, so be sure to visit it and it may help you choose the next interesting place to conquer.


Svetlana identifies herself as a traveler and dreamer, addicted to art, and her Instagram profile definitely proves it.

Interesting views, varied landscapes, and artistic details are just a small part of the pictures she’s captured during her travels and walks in the city under the hills.


Emil was born and raised in Plovdiv and that was probably what inspires him to "talk" about it in pictures. Though his social media profile is not full of thousands of photos, each of them gives us the chosen view in the best way.


Kaloyan Jelev defines himself as an amateur in photography, but we think his love for the city under the hills is evident. His are the cover pictures of Plovdiv's little secrets and the article with the 10 curious facts. They’re great, aren’t they?


Another incredible Instagram account of a Polish girl who has chosen to live in Plovdiv. She loves nature and simple things, and our team likes our city through her lens!

We finish today's text with a business profile that often tags us in the photos they share on the social network, and so makes us and our followers involved in everything that is happening to them:

It's no coincidence that for 20 years the party doesn’t stop. Almost every week there are some of the most memorable parties, as often there are prominent DJs behind the decks, and their photos remind us not to forget where the party is tonight;)

And which are your favorite accounts? Don’t forget to share your favorite pictures with the hashtag #lostinplovdiv so we can admire them together!