We often hear from our foreign friends the definition that Bulgaria is the hidden diamond on the Balkans and today we will try to reveal what distinguishes us from other countries

We often hear from our foreign friends the definition that Bulgaria is the hidden diamond on the Balkans and, in our opinion, several positive facts that we will now reveal to you have contributed to this statement. What distinguishes us from other peoples? What are our peculiarities that we can be proud of?

Hospitality - this is a statement that finds its roots in the distant past and is a typical Bulgarian feature. We will always welcome, nurture, accommodate and care for our guests in the best possible way. It is as though it is the rule that after visiting Bulgaria you can never go hungry and thirsty and without a smile. Not only the remarkable nature, but also the friendly hosts are an important factor when choosing our next destination, and Plovdiv and Bulgaria definitely should be on your list for a visit this year.

Curiosity - in the most positive sense, we, the Bulgarians, are curious and this is largely the case for older ladies. They will most politely and with concern question you about how you are, where you come from, what you are doing. They will be able to squeeze a variety of information from you in a very elegant way, without you noticing, just over a coffee. Communication here is important, and even casual acquaintances rarely get away with a simple "hello" when they meet.

Establishments and shops work every day - in Bulgaria and, respectively, in Plovdiv, everything is open both on weekends and on national holidays. The restaurants work until dawn, there are 24-hour shops and pharmacies in almost every neighborhood, and even on Sundays, you can shop whatever you want. The central city area is full of life throughout the day and that is why we logically come to the next fact

In Bulgaria we know how to have fun - we have written in countless articles about Plovdiv’s Aylyak (or the art of being above things), but here we will reveal that we are famous as one of the greatest party people. We close the bars at dawn, and then we even have time to eat some tripe soup in the 24-hour restaurants. We gather strength with the morning coffee and then go on again to repeat the whole cycle. The Bulgarians leave the party last and the dance floor is never empty.

The Internet is fast and everywhere - a fact we are really proud of. In large locations, the internet connection is at a very good level, there are a large number of free access areas, and in every place, you visit they will give you the password to access their network.

Bulgaria is famous for its beautiful women - and since we are in Lost in Plovdiv, we will reveal that Plovdiv women rank among the first places in the country.

In Bulgaria, it is inexpensive – even though in recent years the standard of living has increased considerably, home prices are still lower than in other European countries. You can have a nice coffee for one euro, surrounded by party people, beautiful nature, in a cool atmosphere and "losing yourself" in the next most popular tourist destination.