When you are not at home rain is not always fun


Rain is one of those things we love to enjoy at home, wrapped in a warm blanket, a cup of tea and a book in hand. It is always cozy and drowsy, but not on working days. Then it becomes a real challenge, and every seemingly simple action is done with a double more effort.

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As in the snow conditions, during rain we Plovdivians are confronted with some difficulties that sometimes put us in comic and/or unpleasant situations:

Wherever you’re going, it always rains in your face

Especially for ladies who’ve carefully put on make-up and people with glasses, walking in the rain is a great adventure.

There’s never a taxi available                                                        

Being in a hurry for work or an arrangement when it’s raining means that we’re totally going to be late. There’re never any taxis, public transport is late and as we’ve stated above, walking is not always the best option.

Traffic jams are even greater

Yes, when it’s raining everyone decides to use their own car and the traffic rivals even the times on the highway when everyone is traveling to the sea. There are nervous drivers everywhere, blowing their horns, and accidents because of negligence and non-compliance with road conditions are increasing.

The lights don’t work for technical reasons, the signs and tracking of public transport - too

Yes, we are still on such a subject, but it turns out that even a few drops make it difficult to organize the movement in the City under the hills. There’s full transport chaos everywhere.

Puddles are always huge and deceptively shallow

Going through the mini-ponds in the streets is a serious challenge, and as soon as we decide to go through the water because it doesn’t look so deep, we find ourselves with wet shoes, socks, trousers and... it’s not funny.

The smell of wet dog/wet socks/wet garbage everywhere

We’ve all been on a bus with steamy windows, where the air is not enough and no window opens. Well, it is not a pleasant experience and we always hope that there’s not that much traffic so we would have to spend minimum time in it.  

The rain makes us get our ugliest shoes out of the closet

Huge puddles and dirt from the mixing of dust and water ruin our shoes extremely fast, so in wet weather, we rely on the waterproof pair. It is usually rough, dark and probably not quite fitting to our outfit. But we’ll stay dry, won’t we?

#lostinplovdiv IG: denisshukerov

Which are your reasons not to like rainy weather in Plovdiv?