Since this year's winter seemed to be too long, we hurried to find the signs that spring was actually here


Photos: Dimitra Lefterova

On Sunday, at 5:33 pm, the long-awaited astronomical spring came, and since this year's winter seemed to be too long, we hurried to find the signs that it was actually here.

The blossoming tree on Nebet tepe

We learned about it from our beloved Dimitra Lefterova, who wrote that: There is a tree at the top of Nebet Tepe, which blooms first every year. The flowers open, look at the city and wait for spring. People pass by, smile, take off their martenitsas and hang them on the branches. So beautiful with thousands of flowers and dozens of martenitsas, the tree overlooks the high city. This year, it bloomed later than usual, but it's there and brings spring enchantment again.

And besides it, we see more and more pictures of budding flowers and plants all over Instagram, so there is no dispute - spring is under the hills.

Cyclists and motorcyclists are on the streets

We admire all the enthusiasts who don’t give up their bike as a means of transport during the cold months, but with the rising temperatures in the morning we see more and more traffic on the bike lanes. And yesterday the motorcycle season was officially opened in Plovdiv. At 12 o'clock the impressive column set off for the Bachkovo Monastery, where vodosvet (a water dedication) for health and accident-free kilometers was held.

We see less and less heating lamps lit in bars and restaurants

You’d surely recognize the characteristic ignition sound of gas stoves, which is carried everywhere in Kapana. However, with rising temperatures and sunnier hours during the day, they are barely working, and will probably soon be completely put away for November, for example.

Daydreams for a drink in the afternoon under the warm rays are already a fact

After we all resignedly went inside the bars and restaurants or gathered around the stoves, we can now safely look for the brightest place and enjoy the weather before it gets too hot!

Temperatures are expected to rise by as much as 10 degrees during the week

We will be able to permanently throw away our hats and scarves at last and make all those near and far trips that fill our weekend with good emotions and new experiences.

We are starting to plan summer festivals and vacations

Typically, with the weather warming we start to crave the sea more and more, as well as dancing and cool outdoor activities. Now is the time to come to an agreement with your friends or your loved one on what you want to do in the spring and summer and organize the perfect plan for recreation and entertainment.

Suddenly everyone is in a good mood somehow

It is amazing how a single day with a temperature of 18+ degrees can make you look at life more positively, give you energy and thirst for adventure! It may sound cliché, but we guarantee it is!