An idea for a short walking route in the picturesque village of Lyaskovo


Autumn is a wonderful time for walks in the mountains, but on most of the popular eco-trails it’s too crowded on the weekends. Therefore, if you are looking for solitude, you should deviate from the famous routes and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of small mountain villages.

For next weekend we suggest you take the road to Asen's Fortress, but instead of looking for a parking space around the landmark, climb another 10 kilometers with your car up to the first village - Lyaskovo. You can get there quickly from Plovdiv, the road is asphalt, but with a lot of turns (in the section after the fortress). From there, we suggest that you leave your car at the pump station and the fountain in front, and then drive up past the houses. After their end you will reach a sunny place with a colorful view of the opposite slopes. On the left, watch for two trees with a steep path between them. Climb up, this is also the most difficult part of the route, as there’s a few minutes driving on a steeper slope. Then take the path and continue past the house with beehives and fruit trees.

After a while you will reach a small fork with a bungalow. There are animal skulls are attached on it. Here you have to turn right on the dirt road. It is possible that an off-road jeep will pass you, but you probably won’t meet anyone. Only you and the forest!

Then there is another part with houses and fruit trees. There is a large gazebo on one side and you can have a picnic there.

This is the path taken by the annual mountain marathon Persenk Ultra and you’ll notice the markings on the right side. A few more meters up and you’ll reach the Lyaskovo guest house.

From here, to make a full circle and get back to your car, you will have to walk on the asphalt road. On the right you will see a chapel with a fountain and benches for relaxation.

The walk is no more than 30 minutes and is a perfect opportunity to walk in nature, but without crowds. You can also combine it with a visit to the fortress, which we’ve already told you about several times.