An easy weekend route with the only digital guide under the hills


After we introduced you to the colorful autumn Sopot some time ago, today we’ll once again take you there virtually in order to go together to the Sopot Falls. The walk along the path is very pleasant and accessible even for younger children. It is easy to get to its very beginning, where there is a separate parking area park your car. It is in close proximity to the Sopot lift and the meadow where the paratroopers land. The surrounding area is very spacious and on weekends, you can often see big parties of people and families to dwell in nature and have a picnic.

On the right is the St. Spas Monastery, also known as the men's Ascension Monastery. There, on December 7th, 1858, Vasil Levski became a monk, and his robe is kept in the church. The Sopot Monastery of St. Spas is also the place where several stories from the novel "Under the Yoke" by Ivan Vazov happen. After lighting a candle and admiring the masterfully painted walls and ceilings of a building, go up along the left fence to get to the path.

The whole route passes along the Manastirska River and lasts about 30 minutes at a normal pace. There are no particular obstacles, with the exception of crossing two rope bridges over the river. It is not very deep, and there is a fireplace along its shore where you can have a picnic. Walking along the path, you will first reach a small stone chapel with icons. At this point, cross the bridge and continue up the mountain to the left. There is another bridge and the magic of the water will be revealed before you. The Sopot Waterfall is about 15 m high, with two water cascades. All the time along the shore you can see some more small cascades. Usually, the waterfall is full of water until the beginning of the summer. Then the river may have dried in the area of ​​the chapel, but still, there will be water to the waterfall itself.

We recommend that you take comfortable shoes, take a backpack with some water and a little something to eat and conquer one of the closest waterfalls to Plovdiv today.