Find out where you can relax without having to pay a month’s worth of wages for a weekend


We have already revealed to you the destinations for rest among mineral springs near the city under the hills and even made a selection of the wellness centers in Plovdiv. Sometimes, though, we both want to escape the town and relax in peace, and we don't want to spend a paycheck's worth for just a weekend. That's why the only digital guide under the hills has selected for you the more budget-friendly vacation spots where you can also enjoy treatments and swim in warm pools all year round.


Strelcha is a town with a rich history. Healing mineral springs in the area, the favorable climate and fertile soils have attracted people to these lands since ancient times. There are three mineral springs with healing properties on its territory. In 1969, Strelcha was declared a town and a national resort and since then it welcomes numerous guests and tourists in a peaceful and unpretentious environment.

The surroundings and the town offer wonderful conditions for relaxation and balneotherapy, combined with cultural, historical, educational, pedestrian, rural, event and other types of tourism. The mineral water and the procedures prescribed by the specialists have a good effect on the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system, the respiratory system, urological system, endocrine system; they treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the reproductive system, biliary-liver diseases, etc.

In addition to the bathhouse in the town center and the spa centers in the hotels, you can also take advantage of the Bancheto mineral spring, which is located 1.5 km from the town. The first building dates back to 1953. Currently, the spring is landscaped and works during the warm months of the year. It consists of two rooms with two separate pools, separated for men and for women.


Also known as Karlovski Mineralni Bani, the town of Banya arose thanks to the presence of mineral water, as well as the production of wines and essential oils - rose, mint and lavender. The wine and oil industries grew with the arrival of the two Bagarov brothers. Today, Ivan Bagarov's mansion has been turned into a luxury establishment, and in 1927, Tsar Boris III himself stayed in Velizar Bagarov's house for treatment. After his illness subsided, he built his own home, called "Our House", two years later. The "Royal Bath" was built especially for him, which has now been turned into a hotel.

In the town there is a specialized hospital for rehabilitation with a hotel part, as well as several other hotels: Stroitel, Stryama and others. It belongs to the year-round climate resorts and is suitable for vacation at any time of the year.

Important features are the presence of a deposit with mineral-peat mud, as well as the properties of the mineral water. It helps with diseases of: the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system and the spinal cord, functional diseases of the nervous system, gynecological diseases, chronic colitis and gastritis, stomach ulcers, kidney stone disease, heart muscle infarction, chronic heart muscle diseases and others, gallstone disease, incipient arteriosclerosis.

Narechenski Bani

The resort has existed since July 1, 1891, when the first bathhouse was opened. It was originally part of the village of Kosovo, where most of its population is from, although it is twice as close to the other neighboring place Narechen. Subsequently, it grew and developed as a separate village. In 1910, the first bathhouse for public balneotherapy was opened there. In 1923, Narechenski Bani were already a well-known destination for holiday excursions and vacations in Bulgaria. The first spa sanatorium was opened in 1927, and in 1935 a military sanatorium was commissioned. It was renovated in 1941, when Germany built a new building for the rehabilitation of its military pilots.

In 1994, the area of Narechenski Bani (from the village of Kosovo) was recognized as a separate settlement - the village of Narechenski Bani. In 1950, it was officially declared a resort. A number of departmental treatment and rest centers were built. The resort had its greatest development in the 1980s and 1990s.

A number of diseases are treated in Narechenski Bani: of the nervous system, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, endocrine and metabolic, etc. Mineral water successfully treats about 13 serious diseases from the main 4 groups, among which are hypertension and diabetes. It is the only one in Bulgaria that is used for the treatment of neuroses, depressions, and stress conditions. There are 3 balneosanatoria: two state - under the military and health ministries and 1 private, as well as several rest stations.

Around Narechenski Bani there is nature with a healing effect, combined with that of mineral water. It is suitable for outings and tourism, and if you are there, don’t miss to eat from the legendary mekitsi, which we told you about in our article about 3 restaurants around Plovdiv that you shouldn’t miss.