Is there something you've always dreamed of, but didn’t dare to do?

Cold and gloomy days when you don’t want to leave the house are over, so now is the time to try something new and interesting. Maybe you are tired of spending your free time drinking coffee and walking on the Main Street, so the team of the only digital guide under the hills has prepared for you some ideas for different entertainment in order to urge you to challenge yourself.

Is there something you've always dreamed of, but didn’t dare to do? Like flying high in the clouds? Well, there is such an option even close to Plovdiv. From the memorable day in June 1783, when the Montgolfier brothers lifted their first balloon over Paris, people continue to admire the elegance and ease with which one can rise in the air and swim in the sky. It has been a long time since, but there are still few things that can be compared to the splendor and flight of the hot air balloon capturing the imagination like no other flying machine. You can spend an hour with 3 more people or use a VIP flight and fly in the heavens only with your loved one. Closest to Plovdiv you can do it at the base inBelozem, but there are options for other locations in Bulgaria and various panoramas on top.

If our first offer seems a bit extreme, then you can try something small - near the ground - horseback riding, for example. It is an unforgettable experience and communication with horses, a unique sport developing all the muscular groups in the human body. The relationship with horses develops qualities and teaches the person the respect, determination, discipline and will-qualities characteristic of happy and successful people. If you want a horse riding lesson in one of the horse racing grounds close to the city, you should keep in mind that it should be booked in advance. However, horseback riding can take place at any time.

Adrenaline games in the latest sports complex Sila are also an alternative and different way of spending your free time. They are suitable for adults and there are options for younger enthusiasts. They develop skills such as strength, precision, dexterity, wit, and speed. A great way to diversify everyday life, to try something new and to get a quick adrenaline flow.

And for all of you who love mysteries and want to try out their resourcefulness and knowledge, our team suggests you try one of the many game rooms. Normally you have 60 minutes to solve a few puzzles of a different nature. For some, you will need logical thinking, for others - skillful hands, and for others - just be observant enough. The experience is truly unique, and the feeling and the atmosphere unmistakably re-created.

And as we are always looking for something new and interesting, we’ll be glad if you share your alternative entertainment in the comments. Make the most of it and do something crazy or unusual in the summer.