Several routes for those of you who want to avoid popular tourist spots

In order to get to know the city as a local, it is inevitable to forget about the tourist traps and for a moment go off the beaten track. In the article below we’re going to try to highlight a few places where you may not find a crowd of people and tourists, but you will surely feel the charm and atmosphere of the city under the hills.

Tourist: Undoubtedly the Three Hills and Nebet Tepe. Its peak especially is one of the most popular places to send the last sun rays away. During the summer it is always full of tourists and locals and even rarely you can find a separate place. For this, also contributes the restaurant few meters away.

Photo credit: Anton Atanasov

Alternatively: Instead of the popular view from above on the top of Nebet Tepe in the Old Town, we offer you to climb on the top of Bunardzhika or the Youth Hill. Not one or two sunsets and sunrises are documented from there, and the setting is more private and intimate.

Tourist: If you ask Plovdiv residents and guests of the city where they go at the weekend, the most common answer will be the Rowing Channel. This is undoubtedly the city oasis, but in the summer evenings, it is a fact that because of athletes and walkers, it is difficult to maneuver in the pedestrian promenade.

Photo credit: Anton Atanasov

Alternatively: Walk along the Maritsa River. And not that you will not meet anyone there, but it is much less crowded outside the children's playgrounds and several sports grounds. There are secluded benches in different places under the trees, and you shouldn’t miss it, especially if you have already visited the Channel.

Tourist: Kapana creative district. Although we from the digital guide’s team are very biased and adore the atmosphere here, we admit that the weekend is full of life. The bars are full, it's hard to go through the people in the workshops and the ateliers, and during the festivities, it's a great adventure to get into the crowd.

Alternatively: Strymna Street. This pretty street in the Old Town also has plenty to offer from authentic crafts and places to visit. Don’t overlook it and indulge in the magic of the old craftsmen who create with their hands and hearts.

Tourist: The Tsar-Simeon's Garden - always referred to as the city park and with its wide and spacious alleys, it is always the first choice of Plovdiv residents and the guests of the city, especially when it comes to a walk in the city. The singing fountains are one of the attractions in Plovdiv during the summer season and we have even heard comparisons with those in Dubai. We won’t fall into such detail, but we will immediately offer something more alternative and secluded.

Alternatively: Lauta Park - although not in the central city area, the park is very spacious and with different places for children, sports or just for a walk. This is also the place for all who want to make a picnic in nature because in Tsar-Simeon's Garden this is forbidden. If Lauta seems a little distant to you, we have another suggestion - the Dondukov Garden or the park near the Home of the newlyweds. Soon it is going to be rebuilt, so we hope it will become an even cozier and more pleasant place.

And what is your alternative route when you want to escape from the crowds?