The good thing is that nowadays there are many options in our city and the fitness gym hasn’t been the only place to train for a long time

Maybe because of people’s desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a good physique at the same time, sport and movement are becoming more and more popular. The truth is that there are many reasons to work out and they aren’t limited to appearance only. The good thing is that nowadays there are many options in our city and the fitness gym hasn’t been the only place to train for a long time. Here are our suggestions:

Boxing club Botev Plovdiv

Boxing is enjoying more and more popularity and it’s not a coincidence that it is the favourite sport of supermodels. It works up the body, makes it lither and more flexible, and at the same time it releases the stress. The reason for its effectiveness is probably the combination between intense strength and cardio trainings. Boxing is a great fun way to get in shape. The trainers at Boxing club Botev Plovdiv are experienced and competent. The gym is open for everyone, no matter the sex and age or the skill level.

Pilates with Gerrie

The Pilates method combines moves from yoga, ballet and callanetics. The advantage of the Pilates workouts is that they help tone the muscles, fix the posture and develop flexibility and balance. The workouts are energizing and restorative, the moves are performed slowly and while paying attention to the breathing and in just one set with a certain number of repetitions. This makes the systems suitable for younger as well as for older people. Gergana Koleva will immediately improve your mood with her charming smile. She stands out with warm and encouraging attitude, inspiring dedication and apparent professionalism. The workouts go by smoothly, merrily and refreshingly while Gerrie keeps an eye for the accurate performance and helps everyone to improve.

Belly dance at Stars Dance Center

Oriental or belly dance is often misunderstood in Bulgaria. If you’re one of the people who associate it with vulgarity and kyutchek and because of this would never give them a chance, you simply don’t know what you’re missing. Belly dance embodies the folklore and culture of the East. They can be gentle, sensual, bold and playful. Although they are a great way to rediscover your feminine self and sexuality, they are not just for women. Nadejda Stoykova is a ballerina but she fell in love with belly dance. Nadya improved her mastery in Egypt and now passes along her knowledge in her dance studio. She does her job with love and every class with her is invigorating.

Zumba with Pepi

Zumba fitness became a hit as if for a night! And this is not coincidental – it is after all a pleasant way to work out while having fun. You don’t need a previous dance experience to train and although the workouts are intense cardio, they don’t feel as such and are on the contrary uniquely invigorating. Zumba combines different dance styles – salsa, meringue, reggaeton, kumbia, flamenco, hip hop and others. The principle is simple – have fun while you dance, workout and lose weight! Pepi Kostadinova is a licensed Zumba instructor, professional dance competitor and choreographer. After discovering the incredible feeling that Zumba brings, a desire arises to help others feel the same way. After her class people go away happy and uplifted, which shows that she succeeds in her task.

Crossfit Arena Plovdiv

Crossfit is often compared to a cult. And why wouldn’t it be – this bunch of body-weight exercises, as well as exercises with equipment like free weights, dumbbells, rods etc. works the body to its full extend, improves the shape, gives strength and shapes the muscles extremely fast. In other words it is a fun and surely effective training that will make you feel like a contestant in American Ninja Warrior. Who wouldn’t get obsessed?

Capoeira with Diego

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art which emerged during the time when Brazil was a colony of Portugal. Originally it was practiced by African slaves who gathered and transformed their fight techniques and into a dance. Capoeira is actually a philosophy. The word itself means “tall grass”. Capoeira is played into a circle called roda and the movements of both opponents are accompanied by traditional musical instruments. Diego is captivated by the martial art when he is just five years old and he dedicates his life to it. He dreams of popularizing it under the hills. His charisma and positive energy surely help him with this task.

Yoga with Milena

Yoga in Bulgaria is practiced for years and everyone who has had any contact with this art knows that it is not simply a system of practices but a whole philosophy and attitude towards life. The values of yoga are multiple and have to do with the body, mind and spirit. It is a great way to improve our fitness – our strength, endurance and mostly flexibility. With yoga the body becomes harmonious and athletic. But yoga is more than that – it helps us feel in balance, be aware and spiritual. Yoga has different ways and Milena has gone through almost all of them. She shares her experience for 11 years, leads meditations and courses.

Power aerobics with Magdalena Bakalova

Aerobics has been one of the most popular ways of working out for decades now, especially among women. It works out and develops the strength, hearth endurance, flexibility and coordination. It usually consists of performing rhythmical and coordinated moves accompanied by fast-paced music and often low-intensity muscle training. Aerobics shapes and tones the body while improving the mood and burning calories. Precisely this makes it so favourite to many women all over the world. Workouts with Maggie are functional and fun. She skillfully inspires and motivates everyone who has trusted her.

Tae Bo in K2

Tae Bo is a unique combination between martial arts and aerobics including cardio exercises and punches and kicks with a dynamic music as background. This sport has many advantages. It trains the whole body, creates self-control and strength and gracefulness and coordination at the same time and improves endurance and reactions. Its popularity keeps rising. It is after all a great and fun way to improve our fitness and shape our body. And if this isn’t enough Tae Bo raises the confidence and helps us defend ourselves.

These are only a few of the places where you can work out in Plovdiv. Here are a few others which are worth mentioning: folk dance with Gaitani club, swimming in Mladost-91, KombatXtreme with Sveti, Kangoo Jumps in Kamato, Hip-hop dance in Dance station, callanetics in Aerobic Studio M