Artificial intelligence advises Plovdiv residents how to refresh their wardrobe until the end of the month


AI technology is gradually but permanently entering life and is increasingly finding applications in various activities of our everyday life. The first mall in the city under the hills turned shopping into an experience in 2009, and naturally, today it's also the first to offer its visitors AI styling advice.

At the request of the shopping center, the Robotev studio for the development of electronic devices and interactive installations programmed and built a one-of-a-kind machine with artificial intelligence, created specifically to help you in the right choice of new clothes that complement your wardrobe to your taste.

Robotev Studio started its activity in 2008. With its team of software and hardware engineers, Robotev has realized over 80 interactive installations, most of them for international companies. A large part of the projects have been awarded with FARA awards, and some of them have been covered in international media.

Remember that T-shirt? The one that brings back summer memories and is your favorite part of your wardrobe, but feels like you've already made every possible outfit with it? Well, you no longer need to spend hours digging through social media for inspiration and copying looks.

In Mall Plovdiv, you can get fashion advice from the artificial intelligence mirror, which mixes 60 items from 12 fashion stores in the mall, taking into account:

- the clothes you are wearing;

- your preferred style of dressing;

- the gender you specify.

Science fiction? No! It's AI, and until the end of the month you can consult this new assistant to create your most impressive outfit this spring.

1,300 people received fashion suggestions from AI in the first weekend. Therefore, take advantage of the end of the week and refresh your wardrobe with artificial intelligence styling by coming to the mall with your favorite clothes.

Take advantage of the future, which is visiting Mall Plovdiv until April 30.