Autumn is that magical time when nature paints the leaves of the trees in beautiful colors, the wind chases them and the sun still manages to caress and warm us most days

And because as Albert Camus says “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” we of the Plovdiv guide can’t miss to enjoy the charm of our city during this time of the year. And to make it easier for you to find the perfect way to spend the autumn days, we have selected several of our favorite activities:

Walk and picnic in the park – whether on a work day or day off, use the midday sun to get some vitamin D and enjoy the warm weather outdoors. You can sit on a bench and read, have lunch in nature or why not have a picnic. Suitable places for this are the The Tsar Simeon's Garden and the parks, but you should keep in mind that picnic is forbidden in the central park. You can do it in Lauta Park for example.                               

Have your favorite drink outside –coffee / hot chocolate / tea at the main street is a Plovdiv classic and the weather still allows you to enjoy your drink. And the places we recommend for nice coffee and hot chocolate can be found here and here. And why not share your favorite in the comments under the article or on our Facebook page? 



Spend a weekend in the mountain – use the weekend to escape the city madness and do something interesting like riding a horse or arranging a hunting trip. In Hotel Zdravets,  which is only about 20 minutes away from the town, you can always combine the adventures with the nice food and a spa.                                                                          Work out outdoors - time still lets you work out outdoors and you can combine your workout with a walk on the Regatta Venue - Plovdiv, for example.

Take the camera or use the camera on your phone and capture the autumn palette of our city, and why not share your photo with #lostinplovidv, so we can publish it in a future article. Some of the pictures of our readers can be seen here, and the hashtag is still active!

And on the wonderful Saturday, we leave it to you to choose what suits you and to "lose yourself" in your favorite Plovdiv!