The club in Plovdiv is celebrating its 25th anniversary and once again reaffirms its position as a favorite club of several generations


There are few establishments that can boast that they have been part of the happy moments in the life of Plovdiv residents for more than 20 years. There are many modern places, but they often quickly lose their momentum and something more trendy and "shiny" appears instead.

Keep in mind that back in 1997, when Bally Club first opened its doors, the party scene under the hills looked very differently. Some of us associate the period with a brutal political and economic crisis, and opening a club in those years was truly a heroism that people needed. However, a place to relax your soul and have fun without thinking much about it is never superfluous.

The truth is that the charm of the bar remains in this to this day. Without many pretensions, without ostentation - here you know that there is no need to pose, because everyone came for one purpose only - to indulge in a party! The place - a little bigger than a living room, is often crowded, and the party is often transferred directly to the large balcony, which overlooks the entire Kapana district.

Last year the club underwent a pleasant refreshment of its main part and opened even more space for dancing and entertainment. The "Berlin Wall" between the rooms fell, the outer part was opened to all three sides - Dzhumaya Square, Zhelezarska St and Abadzhiyska St and a favorite place was created for everyone to relax with a drink in hand.

In the early evening, the party starts on the pavement, where different DJs warm up for the actual dance marathon every Friday and Saturday and then move upstairs to the club. This has become a tradition in the summer months and Bally Club is your place if you want to escape the noise in the central part of Kapana, but at the same time still be in the whirlwind of good experiences and quality sound.

And as every year, this one too - the birthday party will naturally grow into a two-day marathon. Friday (24.06) is reserved for BOBO DJ - an iconic figure on the Bulgarian electronic scene, and Saturday (25.06) behind the decks will be the resident of Bally Club NINO BG and Tommy Riverra. The birthday club will traditionally have a cake and everyone will receive a gift CD with sets prepared by their favorite DJs.