Photo walk through one of the legendary places in Kapana


Ivelina Vasileva

Photos: Georgi Matov

Nylon has existed since the distant 1998, long before Kapana was what it is now. At the entrance of the door, there are cases with empty beer bottles, frames without paintings, foosball table and three wooden tables. It wasn’t much different when it was opened. The legends around the name tell that it was given by the people of Plovdiv because, at the beginning, the whole place was wrapped in nylons, even when it opened for business.

And today, though surrounded by the most modern bars and dining venues with distinctive names and posh interior, Nylon is like frozen in time. Just a few steps after crossing the threshold and you will find an endless world and objects full of history and emotions.

When arranging the shelves and chairs 21 years ago, poets, artists, and directors gave ideas about the interior. “Everyone has a hand here,” says Vozhda – the creator of the place. At Nylon the objects are from friends, unknown people, but not strangers, from here and everywhere. Gifts are exchanged sometimes, or an antique item is sold or bought. There are however irreplaceable memories.

In the bar, you can find a variety of "treasures": a dream catcher; old working Polaroid cameras that have never taken pictures; ibrik; a gas lamp if the current goes out; audio tapes; a sign bearing the inscription "Cultural and Educational Center" - a gift from Martin Karbovski taken from the division in which he served; authentic musical instruments from the State Opera before they were scrapped and melted and dozens of objects, each with its own history!

For a long time, Nylon has been gathering a whole generation of artists such as KolyoKaramfilov and ItskoMaznev, who are no longer among us, but their spirit is still in the place for friendly meetings. A generation of artists painted their stories with laughter. Philologists have loosened their tongues in sweet tales. Orchestra players and conductors have played little night music. Directors have drawn inspiration for new projects. And now it is an attractive place for artists, intellectuals and all with respect to detail and the glorious past. An undeniable fact is that Nylon will never be the same without its visitors. Friends hanging from the high chairs behind the massive wooden bar tell that there was a kitchen with the most delicious meatballs at the beginning. You came in with 1000 BGN and wondered what to buy: tequila or meatballs. Both were 300 BGN. In the evening, the place was lit only by candles...

And what the place looks like now - go and see for yourself the uniqueness and charm of one of the most legendary places in Kapana.