The team of the only digital guide under the hills took a walk in the sunny Old Plovdiv and chose several restaurants that are worth not to miss.

There is no other place in Plovdiv that astonishes the tourists and the locals more and stuns them with the beauty and grandeur of the Ancient Theater, the old aristocratic houses and the view revealed from Nebet tepe. We can spend hours in the cobblestone streets, looking up and not feeling tired for even a second. Well, there always comes the moment when it is time to relax and recharge the batteries for an hour or two in a nice place where to eat something delicious.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills took a walk in the sunny Old Plovdiv and chose several restaurants that are worth not to miss.

At Hebros you can taste appetizing dishes from Bulgarian and international cuisine prepared with seasonal products. Among our favorites are the amazing traditional mish-mash, the green bean stew, the stuffed hot peppers with cheese and parmesan, the frog legs and the snails with wild rice, the foiegras and, of course, the beef fillet with mushrooms and marinated garlic as well and the duck magret. In Hebros there are often wine tastings accompanied by specialties of the restaurant. The menu is short, but it changes frequently and seasonally. The restaurant is located in the hotel of the same name at the foot of the Old Town, in a Revival house - a cultural monument. Hebros is the bright emblem of the Slow Food movement not only in Plovdiv but also throughout Bulgaria. It is here that, in November 2004, was established the first in the country Old Town Plovdiv Slow Food club, a branch of the international movement. The restaurant boasts a high class, exceptional cuisine and some details that will satisfy even the most demanding.

The restaurant Shastlivtsi pod Tepeto has a perfect location, almost above the Holy Virgin church at the very beginning of the Old Town and its garden offers a great view of the temple and the old architecture of the surrounding buildings. Its garden is in gentle pastel tones, the food is incredibly delicious, and the desserts are simply divine. A real jewel in the enchanting atmosphere of the Old Town - exquisite, romantic and cozy.

We can’t miss Philippopolis restaurant & garden, which overlooks the northern part of the city and has a spacious garden under the crowns of centuries-old trees, which makes it a favorite place to meet loved ones or have family dinners. The interior is extremely elegant and the original paintings, masterpieces of Bulgarian artists, the unobtrusive music and the perfect service are part of the magnetism of the place. The cuisine is sophisticated, combining the best of national and European flavors.

We go up to the top of Nebet Tepe for something more unpretentious: Rahat tepe. The beerhouse, which has been emblematic for the Old Town for over 16 years, will welcome you to warm you during the cold months and 350 seats will cool you in the hot days and nights of Plovdiv. The cuisine is traditionally Bulgarian and often at weekends you have to wait for a table, but the panorama is worth it.

Situated in the interior part of Old Plovdiv, restaurant Alafrangite has preserved the authentic look of the old Plovdiv house. It was built in the beginning of the 18th century and is a monument of the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and one of the emblematic buildings of the city of Plovdiv. The two alafrangues (characteristic niches) with combined images of still life and landscape, which gave the name of the house, welcome the guests of the restaurant. Even if you do not intend to eat, you must stop and enjoy this early Revival unsymmetrical house.

Puldin Restaurant was built on a Roman fortress wall and is a true personification of the millennial history of this city. An interesting fact is that one of its halls is organized around the well-preserved remains. The magnificent building was a Dervish temple in Turkish times and later housed the city konak. Under socialism, the building was restored and turned into a restaurant, one of the most prestigious and symbolic of the city for decades. Today's restaurant/cafe-aperitif is a proud heir to a long-standing tradition and strives to be faithful. The interior is remarkable and the garden is one of the most attractive places in the Old Town for coffee and dessert.

Petar I Restaurant is also one of those places that will give you a breathtaking view of the city and is no doubt a favorite for organizing any personal holidays and events. The cuisine is a combination of Bulgarian and Russian specialties and the atmosphere is quite sophisticated and exquisite.

Bar Contrabass is a jazz bar where the cuisine, however, is not to be neglected. A wonderful place to go into another dimension. Whether you just want to listen to quality music, eat something, or drink a cup of coffee in the garden, we advise you not to overlook it.

We end up with perhaps the newest place - Chichi Pompon Café, where you can enjoy coffee specialties and delicacies. After a long walk, you will surely need to drink something refreshing and energizing.

Autumn is extremely picturesque in the city and that is why we urge you to go out this weekend and maybe find a new favorite place from our recommendations.