All the establishments in the district are doing their utmost to survive the difficult conditions and hope that they will resume their usual work rhythm soon


It has been a month since declaring a state of emergency in Bulgaria and the fatal Friday the 13th, when only within a few hours all the bars and restaurants in the party district closed their doors indefinitely. We have already shared pictures of what the city looked like on the first day and the situation still isn’t much different. The streets are relatively empty, there is no laughter and noise from every corner, and the favorite bars have dark windows and no lights.

Still, part of the businesses quickly reorganized their way of working and focused on delivering delicious and warm cooked food. The restaurants in the creative district are small places where most of the family usually works. Therefore, for them the option to lose their livelihood, if they have the chance to survive, is out of the question.

One of the first to quickly organize a complete supply chain was Pavaj. The famous restaurant, which is one of the most preferred places for eating according to Plovdiv residents and tourists under the hills, continues to work even with the doors closed for visitors. A guard of young men wearing masks and gloves deliver the tasty food prepared by the master chefs with bicycles. There are also those who come to the venue and wait outside the restaurant. Some of the products are from their own garden, while others they buy fresh day by day. Their current menu is posted daily on the Facebook page, and in it, we are surprised by such delicacies as homemade banitsa, slow roast lamb and irresistible desserts.

Veggic also didn’t stay closed for a long time and again delight all vegans with a daily lunch menu of warm soup, delicious main meal, and sweet temptation. You can order directly by phone and delivery is free. Deliveries from the main food list are also made through popular platforms.

Aylyak fans - Aylyakria had a bit longer rest but from 26.03. they, too, work tirelessly to supply all the hungry people with food. They have a menu to choose from which is posted on their Facebook page at the beginning of each week. There are juicy pulled meat sandwiches as well as vegetarian options. For orders over 25 BGN - delivery is free of charge.

In the pandemic situation, Todor and Melissa of Tams House have managed to create their own site through which we are called upon to support the local business. Through the platform, you can order your favorite offers from their main menu, and every day on Facebook they upload three dishes at a price of only 4.80BGN each! In their desire to be useful, they also share on Youtube how to make fresh pasta at home if we are not in the mood for orders.

Kapana Bakery is the other business that has reorganized its operations from the beginning and now continues to sell hot and tasty bread and pastry. They work every day from 8am to 5pm, and if you haven’t yet tried their hazelnut eclair, we advise you to immediately correct this grave mistake!

Multi Culti decided not to deliver food in times of social isolation but instead hoped that with the help of Chef Mario’s blog they’ll give us the opportunity to cook some great recipes ourselves in the comfort of our own home. They promise us that they will update the page regularly, and we hope that we will soon be able to compare our creations with the original.

Unfortunately, our favorite bars still can't work for us, but if you miss your favorite cocktails you may check out our text about drinks in social isolation.

All the establishments in the district are doing their utmost to survive the difficult conditions and hope that they will resume their usual work rhythm soon.