In the most colorful district of Plovdiv, you will come across true culinary gems


Many probably associate the art district under the hills with Pavaj restaurant, which has been gathering a large crowd of fans for several years. The place has become so popular that it is currently unthinkable to find a place without a reservation, especially during busy hours. And since we have written about it many times and told you about interesting offers from their menu, today we decided to dedicate our text to other favorite restaurants of ours, which also deserve your attention.


Gastro bar Aylyakria is like a real temple of aylyak, in which, however, along with the tranquility of the people of Plovdiv, you will sink into a real sea of irresistible tastes. We are often pleasantly surprised by seasonal dishes prepared with a lot of desire and craftsmanship. The place itself is very cozy and it is good to make a reservation in advance, especially for dinner. Their cream soups are unique, and there are legends about the sandwich with a pulled pork!

Tams House

Tams House opened its doors in mid-2018, but it is definitely worth mentioning as one of the places that gained popularity with its original approach to culinary and presentation. Designed to showcase the endless possibilities of creativity, knowledge and fragrances, Tams House features a distinct aesthetic and characteristic style. Its owners - Todor and Melissa, have worked for many years in Michelin-starred restaurants in California and very successfully apply their experience and create for people of Plovdiv and guests of the city dishes worthy of any restaurant, awarded high recognition by experienced reviewers from the prestigious ranking. The duck magret is an undisputed star on the menu, and don't miss the dessert - the Egg!

Fork and Knife

In the midst of the pandemic (last June), the next good place in the district was born. Fork and Knife sent the monkey away, but without its burgers. Here you can enjoy craft burgers, premium beef, veal and pork steaks, signature salads and house-mixed sauces. For their youngest visitors they have a free children's playground on the second floor, and next time don't forget to stop by.


Their menu is a nice mix of a variety of recipes and we are convinced that every time you go - you will come across something new and surely delicious. In the summer we are tempted with seafood, and in the spring - with colorful original salads, keto burger for everyone who cares about their figure, and a number of traditional Bulgarian dishes with a twist. The wine list is also quite rich, and the terrace for two on the second floor is the perfect location for a romantic dinner!

Brick House

Some time ago, Brick House opened with a promise for sinfully delicious burgers, but continued to develop its concept and today they are already enriching the menu with new interpretations of favorite recipes. During the day they have lunch options, and in the evening, we recommend not to miss the stuffed squid with cheese and dried tomatoes.


It was also one of the restaurants that took a risk and opened in the middle of another lockdown. They rely on the popular "street food" concept, but with a very interesting twist. We advise you to choose jiaozi with turbot or duck, and from the desserts to bet on the interpretation of the recipe of the most famous Italian chef - Massimo Botura.

Finally, we leave two places that are very suitable for the moments between breakfast and lunch. We are glad that the brunch culture is gaining momentum in Plovdiv and besides Multi Cults, whose favorite dishes we have already talked about, only ten days ago Tables Kapana opened its doors. First starting from Sofia, they quickly become favorites of all foodies in the capital and today we can enjoy their offers under the hills. The concept largely involves the connection between food and drink, so be sure to try the different drinks that the staff will offer you with your dish.