"Shopping here is an experience: you have to search in order to discover"

On the eve of 2019, when Plovdiv will welcome thousands of guests from all over the world, we meet members of the Mercari´s team–stores for new brand clothing and footwear, one of the most dynamically developing companies in the branch in Bulgaria. They meet us in their first shop under the hills, the one on 20 Hr. G. Danov Street, in the heart of Plovdiv. It was here, 8 years ago, that the story of "big brands at low prices" has begun.

"The items that arrive daily in Bulgaria and which we send to our stores after selection are designed to make our customers' lives better: the clothes and shoes are of high quality and we strive to offer the utmost affordable prices possible," so the company. In 2010, the owners of Mercari recognized the need to offer top brands of world-class manufacturers at low prices.

They rely on functionality and quality–increasingly demanded by customers in Bulgaria. "Our fashion selection is always at up to 60% lower than the manufacturer's recommended retail price. Frequently offered items are available in single sizes, rendering the shopping here an experience: you have to search in order to discover. This in its own way is Mercari's "trademark" and is something our regular customers know well. We are sure that our offers are different and special, and our prices are very good. "

New seasonal clothing and shoes, underwear and accessories for women, men and children are already available in 33 stores in Plovdiv, Sofia, Bucharest, and Burgas. The last store opened doors in Mall Burgas Plaza a few days ago.

In 2019, Mercari will continue to bring positive emotions to its customers and be a meeting point of affordable prices, good service, fashion looks and of course – clients from all over the world.  

In December, each customer of the store chain will benefit from an additional discount.