A boy's dream was born in the United States 10 years ago, but it came true in the city under the hills to reveal to all of us the magic of craft donuts


A fluffy, chocolate-covered donut and coffee - this is usually a breakfast that we associate with American culture and is often featured on television, but we guarantee that in our homeland, this whole experience becomes even more valuable. We heard about Bluestone doughnuts a year ago when we were enthusiastically offered to try one of the owners' first recipes and experiments. Even then, with faces smeared with chocolate, we found that these are some of the most delicious treats we have tried lately. We constantly passed the site we knew they had rented and hopefully followed the progress and waited for the moment when we could enjoy the fluffy dough and the irresistible fillings again.

Well, literally a year later, since last week, all Plovdiv residents and guests of the city have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the paradise of donuts and choose their favorite taste. The new place is located on the emblematic Otets Paisii Street and as soon as you enter it you can see how carefully and lovingly it was made. The location and arrangement quickly appealed to the owners, but the original colorful interior did not correspond to their concept. Therefore, gradually, day after day, and largely alone with their own two hands, they managed to discover the natural elements of the place and recreate their idea of ​​a complete symbiosis with the atmosphere of one of the most popular streets under the hills.

At the same time, from early dawn they are constantly experimenting with recipes and new glazes to surprise their customers with truly unforgettable tastes. The most important thing in this irresistible specialty is the dough. If the right proportions are hit for it, the donut will be really fluffy and will melt in your mouth. That is why it is recommended to try the usual version with vanilla glaze first, as the softness and sweetness of the donut are felt best in it.

Of course, they also have many unusual offers that may surprise you. Among them stand out the interesting Canadian taste of bacon with maple syrup for all lovers of the sweet and salty taste of the food and matcha with white chocolate for fans of superfoods.

The chocolate is of the highest class and the bourbon vanilla is so fragrant that you are guaranteed to come back for more. Everything is prepared on site - from the dough to the glaze and cream, with the highest quality ingredients, and we also expect vegan ideas and numerous combinations. There will be constant tastes in the menu, and every month they will diversify with something different.

In August, the place will work on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm, and for the rest of the time they promise to try new recipes. From September they will work at full speed - every day from 10 am to 7 pm.

And we recommend that you go there today and check what's left in the window. If you can't choose - let them recommend you and keep in mind that one donut won’t be enough!