On a late Sunday morning, we ate and tested for you a large number of menu items, some of which were quite new

The brunch or the combination between a late breakfast and an early lunch is a phenomenon that has gained great popularity in our lands in recent years. Initially started as an event in the US and Canada, thousands of places around the world today offer the option of having something delicious at any odd time.

As a prominent party people on Friday night, for us at the digital guide, getting early on weekends is almost impossible, and we are pleased to take advantage of the brunch opportunity at Eddy's café and food.

Surely you already know from our article dedicated to them that their pancakes are sinfully delicious and no diets are an excuse not to try. They are prepared by a family recipe, with real products and no artificial additives. Uniquely thin, they literally melt in the mouth.

And what are the tastes? On a late Sunday morning, we ate and tested for you a large number of menu items, some of which were quite new.

We found out that here you can find breakfast for any preference in the form of salty pancakes. Only whole grain flour of 100% buckwheat is used, there is no milk and they can be prepared without eggs for those of you who are fasting or have chosen veganism as a lifestyle.

Did you know that the foie gras is considered a delicacy since the time of the ancient Egyptians? Together with the unique truffles and caviar, it ranks among the finest tastes of all times and peoples. After Egypt and ancient Rome, the French are the next who learn how to cook it, and that's where its story as a meal, a delight for all the senses, begins. The French offer of Toma and Elly is a thin pancake with foie gras and jam of whole figs. This is also one of the most common and loved combinations. Both textures perfectly combine sweet and salty to give our taste buds a unique aftertaste.

Scrambled eggs and crispy bacon are an integral part of the traditional English breakfast, and here they are presented in a fluffy pancake, garnished with melted cheddar and fresh tomatoes. It is believed that this is the favorite snack of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, and in Eddy's, you can combine them with very strong and nice coffee. It is of the Italian company Trochillo and is prepared on a professional machine La Pavoni in the traditional manner of the baristas. The result is both aromatic, full-bodied and richly flavored to give you pleasure and contribute to the good start of your day.

Another dish, typical of the brunch menu around the world, is presented again in combination with a pancake. It replaces the muffin, but in no way violates the concept of eggsBenedict. Their origins are controversial, as some culinary people associate them with Benedictine monks, others with the French school, but all this is nowadays almost forgotten because of the campaign in the American press, presenting them as an invention of the emerging New York cuisine of the golden age. The poached egg is lavishly topped with Hollandaise sauce, and one of the supposed benefits is that this dish is an excellent hangover remedy. The guarantee is for satiating breakfast or lunch, which will give you a lot of energy and strength for starting your day.

And what kind of breakfast do you prefer?