The burger is no longer what it was and we of the guide selected for you a few favorite places with delicious offers:

If until recently, we associated burgers and sandwiches with names like McDonald's, KFC and Burger King, luckily, recently things don’t look quite like that.

The "new burgers" are not just bread, patty, tomato, ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard, but a rich palette of ingredients and flavors in which everyone can find what they like. Yes, no matter how strange it sounds, there is also a fashion in hamburgers, and nowadays it is especially trendy to eat a sandwich not only in a hurry for lunch but also to enjoy it at a relaxed dinner. But not just any sandwich but one prepared with real products. Not by a conveyor but with a thought and attention to taste and quality.

Here're our suggestions for preferred restaurants where the burgher as a gourmet doesn’t sound like something from another planet or reality:

My Burger Place - very soon we expect the restaurant to open in an absolutely new location in Kapana, where we hope the atmosphere will be cozy and intimate again, with good service and high-class burgers. The potatoes accompanying the burgers are baked with fresh rosemary. Meat is prepared on the spot. Apart from bacon, everything else is pure veal, imported chilled from Uruguay. The cheese is of a special Italian selection, and the Brioche buns are taken especially from the Kapana bakery every day. In addition to classic ingredients, personalized sauces are also available, according to seasonal offers. 

In case you still haven’t understood, the sinfully delicious burgers in Kapana are in Brick House. It is one of those places where you can spend the day from morning till night. Start with a boutique Italian coffee, continue at lunch with a delicious soup or an appetizing burger and end up in the evening with a friendly company for a cup of classic cocktail or a bottle of wine. The burgers at Brick House are garnished with crunchy fries, a sinful amount of cheddar and the perfect combination of several sauces. Cozily nestled in the center of the events in Kapana, you can’t pass Brick House, especially if you’re a lover of the pleasant atmosphere with a good appetite for the delicious food.

Skaptobara is a well-known name for all who come from the capital, but they entered Plovdiv land for the first time this spring. Number 1, according to Tripadvisor in Sofia, they offer American-style food, which has also taken on the spirit of the Plovdiv art district –they offer a special burger MainaFilibeto and the opposite wall is painted with unique graffiti.

Hot news for all fans of the restaurant is that Skaptobara and Cat and Mouse made a tasty collaboration. The burger restaurant made a special menu for the customers of the beer bar in Kapana. The only thing you have to do is go to the bar of the cats and mice and order a meal. It will come to you by itself. The appetizing food is now a few meters away and will be on your table before you have halved your beer.

Again in the art district of Plovdiv, there is a feverish preparation for the opening of another restaurant, oriented towards the preparation of this popular type of fast food. Monkey Burgers just hints at the design of the room and makes us guess what are they going to offer and will they be able to tempt us.

Burger Chef  Plovdiv - here in a cheerful and pleasant environment, suitable for children, because of the separate children's corner, they will welcome you with a smile and offers, including only the freshest vegetables, warm and delicious bread and the most aromatic spices. In the menu, you can also find chicken burgers, several Mexican tortillas, and vegetarian offers.

And for "dessert" we have left you a place where you will surely come back for more because Mavruda BBQ Hot Spot and their special selection of slow-cooked smoked meats at low temperature definitely shouldn’t be missed in search of the perfect burger. The meat here is cooked in a special way, not directly on the fire, but next to it, so that every piece can be a great dish. Smoking, in this case, is more of an art because it adds a unique flavor and saturates the sensations with the tempting aromas of the meat. And it is pre-treated with a rich dry marinade of over 15 herbs and spices, then stewed with homemade barbecue sauce. You can choose beef, pork or chicken, each of which is prepared and flavored with divinity, and the bun is homemade and aromatic.

Of course, variations of burgers are already on the menus of a number of restaurants, too, so it depends only on your preferences where you’ll choose to indulge in this appetizing temptation.