Where to drink coffee outside the center? Are there cool places to make us arrange a date for example in Küçük Paris and travel for 20 minutes there?

Last week, we presented some restaurants outside the center and it turned out that not all of them were known to you. As we always try to inform you about the current places you shouldn’t miss, we have prepared further interesting information today. Where to drink coffee outside the center? Are there cool places to make us arrange a date for example in Küçük Paris and travel for 20 minutes there? You will find the answer in the lines below, and we look forward to your favorite secret places in the comments below the article or on our Facebook page.

And since we asked you about Küçük Paris, we’ll immediately answer where it is worth going. Cafe - Bookstore Dobrota is a place where you can not only have coffee or healthy smoothie and eat some delicacies but do all this in the company of a favorite book. For almost three years this cozy cafe has been like an oasis for everyone who wants to be alone in the company of the pages or to share a glass of aromatic drink with friends.

We continue in the direction of the Central Station and there, even if we don’t surprise you with our choice and recommendation, we will remind you again of the reconstructed cinema, which has become a café with its own spirit and a unique vintage atmosphere. At Kinocafe we love homemade snacks during the week, and in the evening, cocktails. Film nights with retro tapes are also the perfect choice for spending time in a pleasant setting.

A few blocks down after the University of Medicine is CROATÓAN, which, if you read carefully our article about the new places in 2017, you know that no coffee lover in the city under the hills should miss! The coffee there is not just a waking drink but an explosion of tastes, and recently even those of you who are not fans of cow's milk can enjoy beverages made with plant milk.

We are heading towards Mall Plovdiv on Peshtersko shose, where they say that the latte in West Cafe is divine and the cakes are always fresh. And then you can always combine it with a walk to the Rowing Channel or Bunardzhik. A ready option to spend the day off.

At BebbaMacarons you always get unique French-style Macaron with your coffee, and you can choose from 15 different types. Customers recommend that you visit it at least once a day, and we guarantee that you’ll feel at home, but surrounded by delicacies from all over.

Estrella Bar & Dinner is a good choice in the northern part of the city, especially for families with children. There is a spacious children's playground and fun for the kids, and this is a prerequisite for a pleasant stay for their parents. If you are tired of neighborhood parks or want to diversify your favorite place, it is suitable for meeting friends and loved ones.

For all residents or visitors of Trakia district, who are wondering where to sit for sweet talk, we suggest you try Broadway where, besides the coffee, you can try the shakes and enjoy the warm sunshine from outside, for example.

Another venue that is not at the center but worth visiting is Magnolia Snacks & Sandwich Shop. There, besides good coffee, you can enjoy delicious sandwiches and cakes and pastries cooked in their own bakery.

In the end, we go back to the broad central part to mention the next place we think is worthwhile. Fancy is next to DushoHadzhidekov School and is an excellent choice if you don’t feel like looking for a café in the center but at the same time want to be within walking distance.