The first coworking space opens next to the cult bar. The new concept follows the idea of creating a different social environment and additional climate change in the creative district

The creators of the cult bar Cat and Mouse and the boutique guest house Mouse House are ready with their new project in Kapana, which follows the aesthetic line of the first two and again aims at a whole change of the environment, this time in the direction of creativity. Next door to the craft beer club opens the first coworking space in the creative district of Plovdiv  - Cat & Mouse Coworking. It is in the place of a former café on HristoDyukmdzhiev Street and it seems as though it is a wink that there is a place in Kapana not only for entertainment places but also for those who concentrate ideas, potential and work energy.

Cat and Mouse Coworking was formed as a natural extension of the first craft beer bar in Kapana. It is the place for all those creative people who need a slightly more relaxed atmosphere but without going beyond the boundaries of the creative district, where inspiration is literally everywhere.

The idea of creating this type of workspace is not new and we have tried it for years, working on the floors above the beer bar. With Cat and Mouse Coworking Plovdiv, you will have the opportunity in the immediate vicinity of the bar to use the facilities it offers but at the same time, you will have your privacy and place for personal concentration.

In the open space on the first floor, you will be able to complement your creative energy with people sharing your ideas. At your disposal, there will be open spaces that you can rent for a day or fixed places to which you will have 24-hour access, an address with a mailbox and a personal locker for storing documents and belongings

The top floor is suitable for hiring for small teams of people or conducting workshops in a wider format as well as for organizing presentations and various types of private events that can be both in corporate and casual format.The Internet connection is reliable, high-speed and excellent, and for confidential private phone calls or conference calls, we have provided an isolated room.

The interior relies on comfort and, although minimalist, every detail is crafted to perfection to suit the idea of an individual approach and creative atmosphere. The desks are handmade, the colors unobtrusive, and the opportunity to step into the center of the creative district is particularly tempting when we need to take a break for a moment and relax with a cup of nice coffee or a specially selected craft beer.

The main purpose of the space is freelancers and entrepreneurs to be able to exchange experience and even help and complement themselves in the realization of business ideas. The advantages of Cat and Mouse Coworking are the top location in the very center of the city and in the heart of the fastest growing district, the opportunity to work and to absorb from the creative environment in a community of people with innovative ideas and in the sphere of various activities, a self-contained workplace near the most popular bar under the hills and the chance to alternate work with pleasure.

The whole information for the first coworking space in Kapana you can find here.

Photo credit: Desislava Tsvyatkova